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Stage 3

Our Master Functional Trainer stage includes our 7 certification online process + 3 days of intensive face to face coaching + 2 more modules and the final assessment to complete the MFT program. This final stage consists of two steps: Step 1 – Complete Modules In this first module you will learn Programming where we integrate.. read more

Stage 2

Our MFT level 2 certification includes our 7 certification online process and 3 days of intensive face to face coaching. This is the practical application of your Functional Trainer Level 1 knowledge. In these three days we spend a half day each on Mobility, Suspended Fitness, Functional Bags, Kettlebells 1&2 and Battling Ropes. This is designed.. read more

Stage 1

Our Functional Trainer Level 1 is a stand alone certification or is the first step of the full MFT program. In this online course we cover Functional Anatomy, Client Screening, Functional Mobility, Suspended Fitness, Functional Bags, Kettlebells Level 1 and 2 and Battling Ropes. Functional Trainer Level 1 is all online on our world class.. read more

Movement Restoration Coach 3-Day Injury Prevention System (Also called REHAB Trainer Essentials)

The final part to the making you the ultimate Movement Restoration coach is the 3-Day Injury Prevention System.  This all-encompassing 3-day course will provide you with: Three full days of Face to Face injury prevention lectures and practical workshops devoted to understanding the world class R+E+H+A+B System 1 day utilized per body region: Lower Limb, Upper.. read more

Movement Restoration Coach Express

Your path to becoming the ultimate Movement Restoration coach continues with the second stage: Movement Restoration Coach Express. This part of the course consists of: 1. Blended Learning Workshop: 1-day Face to Face Practical Workshop 2. Full Online Course (includes extra material beyond the face to face workshop) 3. Movement Restoration Pack including Posture Pro, Rehab Dowel.. read more

Movement Restoration Coach Fx

The Movement Restoration journey begins with the first stage: Movement Restoration Coach FX. This foundational part consists of two key courses: 1. Injury Prevention Kit Online Course Ground-breaking system for coaching clients away from injury Assess and educate clients about their Dysfunctional Movements Learn the “Talk, See, Do” skillset and incorporate it into your normal.. read more

Ask The Doctor!

Today is “Ask the Doctor” Day!! Dr Luke Del Vecchio has a PhD in Sports Science. An experienced educator, researcher and specialist in human performance, Luke has been presenting and lecturing on health, fitness, exercise and sports science for over 15 years. Luke has also presented internationally on sports science, strength and conditioning, boxing and nutrition. If.. read more

Pea Protein may boost adaptations to HIFT

Continuing with this months focus on protein intake, in this weeks post, we are going to look at the results of a recent study which investigated the effects of pea protein supplementation on the physical responses to high intensity functional training (HIFT). Why pea protein, you may ask? For one, some individuals due to personal.. read more

How much protein do I really need to eat?

Protein requirements increase with growth, during pregnancy, illness and with Age. Recommendations for protein intake have been under intense scrutiny and debate among health professionals and researchers for some time. Central to this controversy is the current recommended daily intake, which is thought to be sufficient, to support health and well-being in healthy adults, but.. read more

Selecting A Source of Protein

Dietary protein is well known for its positive effects on health, including weight management, bone health, cardiovascular health, blood glucose control and for the maintenance of lean muscle mass.  More recently, dietary protein has been shown to favorably influence appetite and muscle protein synthesis. Given these important roles, it is important to select high-quality sources.. read more

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