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Introducing FTI’s unique functional training & movement systems that help you:


Become a top expert in functional training and movement. Stand out from the growing number of coaches and trainers. Get a Functional Training Certification Online.


Coach and program your client’s specific needs with more confidence. Give them the best chance of achieving their dream results. Become a certified personal trainer to do it safely and effectively.


Build a thriving coaching business online . Have a long list of clients who stay with you for the long term. They will rave about you to their friends and family.


Become known as a leading expert in functional training and movement that sets you apart from an ever-growing crowd of coaches and trainers


Coach and program your client’s specific needs more confidently giving them the best chance of achieving their dream results — safely and effectively


Build a thriving coaching business with a long list of clients who stick around for the long term and rave about you to their friends and family
Join over 5,000 trainers worldwide who’ve learned evidence-based functional training and movement systems. Our programs are accredited by international organizations. Get certified and enhance your skills today.
See what our students say about how FTI’s programs transform their coaching businesses.


start your journey and become a certified coach

Check out either of the Master Functional Trainer and Movement Restoration Coach programs below:
Become a certified personal trainer with online strength coach certification.
Become a Functional Training Expert


Become a certified personal trainer with online strength coach certification
Become An Injury Prevention Expert

Movement Restoration Coach

Additional Courses to help you become and expert in functional training and Injury Prevention

  • Home

    Functional Mobility Course – Online

    • Learn effective warm-up strategies
    • Apply effective mobility methods
    • Become a certified mobility coach
  • Home

    Kettlebell Instructor Course Online

    • Become a certified kettlebell coach
    • Learn to coach complex movements
    • Expertly apply programming principles
  • Home

    Fundamentals Of Functional Bags Course – Online

    • Apply essential strength principles
    • Confidently coach fundamental soft loaded movements
    • Expertly apply programming methods
  • Home

    Fundamentals Battling Ropes Course – Online

    • Learn how to effectively use the battling rope
    • Apply velocity training principles
    • Expertly apply 3-Dimensional movement
  • Home

    Coach with Purpose

    • Learn the art of coaching
    • Learn how to be a great communicator
    • Elevate your coaching skills to new levels
  • Home

    Functional Breathing Training Certification

    • Learn the biomechanics of breathing
    • Learn breath drills for performance in everyday life
    • Become a certified breath specialist
  • Home

    Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

    • Understand the what, why and how of flexibility and mobility training
    • Learn how to program flexibility and mobility training
    • Learn how to successfully apply these principles into your training business
  • Home

    Feel Your Anatomy

    • Learn to feel loading patterns
    • Program and teach flexibility more effectively
    • Develop coaching cues to engage your clients
  • Home

    Suspension Training Course Online – Crankit Essentials And Advanced

    • Learn fundamental and advanced movements
    • Learn the science behind the tool
    • Apply programming methods for all levels of clients
  • Home

    Prep and Recovery Systems

    • Apply the RAMP protocol for movement prep
    • Learn to use strength and mini bands effectively
    • Learn to apply recovery strategies
  • Home

    Mental Skills Training

    • Building Resilience and Managing emotions
    • Emotional Intelligence development
    • Communication Skills Development

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Plus — A FREE digital copy of the bestselling book Purpose Driven Movement by Tarek Chouja
Get Strength Coach Certification and Functional Training Certification Online today

Claim Your Free Copy of the Bestselling «Purpose Driven Movement» eBook and Subscribe to the FTI Weekly Newsletter

Within Purpose Driven Movement, you’ll discover how to:
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Claim Your Free Copy of the Bestselling «Purpose Driven Movement» eBook and Subscribe to the FTI Weekly Newsletter

Within Purpose Driven Movement, you’ll discover how to:
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Claim Your Free Copy of the Bestselling «Purpose Driven Movement» eBook and Subscribe to the FTI Weekly Newsletter

Within Purpose Driven Movement, you’ll discover how to:
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Feedback from our students

Check out what our students are saying abouthow FTI’s Programs are transforming their coaching businesses.
FTI Stories


“I learned about FTI while on my practical placement at university. One of my friends suggested I do the Master Functional Trainer course to learn more about functional training because it was not covered well enough during university. The MFT proved valuable because I learned not just about using functional equipment but the theory and coaching behind it.”

FTI Stories

Belinda Browne

“Being part of the MFT and MRC program has given me some great ideas on structuring my business. People are approaching me in the gym and asking if I am doing this movement right because they have seen how I now train my clients using the MFT and MRc methods.”

FTI Stories


“Before starting the MFT, I felt like I had sound knowledge, having watched online tutorials and training in the gym for more than seven years. Then I came to the introduction day of the master functional trainer, and it just blew me away. I carried so many misconceptions about functional training, and things I thought were true were tested and fundamentally did not make sense. The MFT was the system that changed everything for me.”

FTI Stories


“FTI has their finger on the pulse. They are leaders in their field and lead by example. When you need them, they give you the time you need and deliver everything you need on the functional and practical training side of things. The are not just theories, but the practical side has brought my business to the next level.”

FTI Stories


“I first came across FTI when considering extending my knowledge in the fitness industry. The first few courses were eye-opening for me. I have learned the technical knowledge I need and the business skills to go with it.”

FTI Stories


“My journey with FTI began as a student of the MFT and RMC programs after 25 years of personal training experience.. enrolling and completing the MFT and MRc programs took my knowledge to a new level. It helped boost my continence and enabled me to attract new types of clients.”

FTI Stories


“I came across FTI at a fitness convention and signed up for the MFt program. FTI is a great company, and their philosophy has matched mine, and I could not recommend FTI highly enough.”


Strength Coach Certification shows you can design and lead strength training programs. It involves coursework, practical training, and a test. 

To become a strength training coach, start by getting a bachelor’s degree in exercise science or kinesiology. This foundational education is critical. Next, earn a reputable certification. Consider the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the NSCA or the Certified Strength Coach (CSC) from the NCSF. Gain practical experience by interning or working with experienced coaches. Continuous education and networking in the field are also crucial.

It typically takes a few months of study and training to be ready for the certification exam​

To become an online strength coach, first obtain a relevant certification (e.g., NSCA‘s CSCS). Build a strong online presence through a website and social media. Offer virtual coaching services via video calls, create online workout programs, and provide personalized training plans. Use digital tools for tracking clients’ progress. Specialize in niche markets to stand out​​​​.

The CSCS from the NSCA is widely regarded as one of the top certifications for strength and conditioning professionals. It is well-respected and covers a broad range of essential topics, including exercise science, nutrition, and program design. 

A certified strength coach is a professional trained to design and implement strength training programs. They usually hold certifications like CSCS or CSC. These certifications validate their expertise in biomechanics, exercise physiology, and athletic performance enhancement.

To get into functional training, start by learning the basics of functional movement. Focus on exercises that mimic real-life activities. Get a certification in functional training from reputable organizations. Attend workshops and gain hands-on experience. Include exercises like squats, lunges, and kettlebell swings in your routine. This will improve your overall functional strength and stability. 

Yes, Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certification needs renewal every two years. This ensures certified professionals stay current with the latest practices. It also keeps them informed about new research in functional movement screening.

FMS certification is valuable for fitness professionals. It helps assess and improve clients’ movement patterns. This certification identifies imbalances and designs corrective exercises. It enhances overall performance and reduces the risk of injury

Start functional training by incorporating exercises that mimic everyday movements. Focus on multi-joint exercises like squats, lunges, and deadlifts. Use equipment like kettlebells, resistance bands, and medicine balls. Ensure your workout routines improve balance, strength, and flexibility

An FMS Certified professional is trained to perform the Functional Movement Screen. This screen assesses movement patterns to find limitations or asymmetries. This certification helps trainers create targeted corrective exercise programs.

The FTI’s Certified Strength Coaching Programme, NSCA’s Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and NASM’s Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) are highly respected certifications. Both are known for their comprehensive curriculums. They also have rigorous standards.

A certified personal trainer (CPT) has a formal certification validating their knowledge in designing and leading fitness programs. A fitness trainer might not have formal certification but still leads exercise sessions. A CPT typically has more rigorous training and recognized credentials.

A Level 3 personal trainer has advanced qualifications compared to Levels 1 and 2. They can offer specialized training programs. They often hold certifications to work with special populations. They design tailored fitness plans and provide nutritional guidance.

To be an online personal trainer, get certified with a recognized body like NASM or NSCA. Develop a strong online presence. Use digital tools for client management. Create virtual workout programs. Offer personalized coaching and use social media for marketing. 

It depends on your career goals. Personal trainers usually work one-on-one and create custom workout plans. They often earn higher salaries. Fitness instructors lead group classes and might work in gyms or community centers. Choose based on whether you prefer personalized coaching or group instruction. 

Yes, many reputable organizations like NASM and ISSA offer online personal trainer certification courses. These courses include virtual classes, online exams, and digital resources. You can become certified from the comfort of your home.


The best qualification depends on your career goals, but the NSCA’s CSCS and NASM’s CPT are highly regarded. These certifications provide comprehensive training in exercise science, program design, and client assessment​​​​.

Get Strength Coach Certification and Functional Training Certification Online today

Tarek Chouja

Tarek Chouja is the co-founder of the Functional Training Institute (FTI). FTI started in 2009 in Sydney, Australia. Tarek has improved coaching and training in movement and injury prevention. He led FTI to create the first approved kettlebell and battling ropes courses in Australia. Tarek also developed the Adaptive Functional Training Systems (Adaptive FTS). His work has certified over 5,000 fitness professionals in 15 countries. FTI is now a leader in functional training certification.

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