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What time do the courses start?

Times are confirmed the week prior to the course. An email will be sent directly to you to advise the time.

What courses have I done?

Refer to your certificates to see what you have done.

How long does it take to get my certificate if I am a late sign up?

Please allow up to 10 business days to receive your certificate in the mail.

Can I transfer to another course date?

Yes however a fee of $75 may be applied to do so


How do I reset my password?

Please contact [email protected] asking for a password reset. Do your best to ensure the details are written down somewhere secure.

What are the criteria for the video submissions?

Video submissions are of you performing your practical assessment. Please refer to the Practical Assessment in the back of the manual and the corresponding instructional video.

How long does it take for my exam to be marked?

Between 2-4 weeks


How long does it take to complete?

Most MFT students are able to complete their MFT certification in approximately 3 month’s however this depends on where you live as not all centres offer the same amount of course frequency of training as other centres.

Are there courses in my area?

You can find out where your courses are here. Just use the drop down link for the closest city to you.

Do I need to do these courses in any specific order?

No. In an ideal world you would do them in order of the MFT pillars (Theoretical Foundations, Fundamentals of Mobility, CrankIT Advanced & Essentials, Fundamentals of Powerbags, Kettlebells Level 1 and Level 2 and then Fundamentals of Battling Ropes).
However, only a very small percentage can actually achieve this, so it’s perfectly ok to do these courses in whatever order you’re able to do them in.

How many CEC’s will I get?

Up to 50.

Do you have payment plans?


Is the Master Functional Trainer too advanced for someone entering the fitness industry for the first time or someone who is re-entering it?

Yes, in fact the best way to become a sought-after trainer is to learn the best, first. There are many ways of training but we’ve found that our MFT’s have a distinct advantage over those who get their ideas from random channels i.e. youtube.
By learning proven methods you are able to safely coach your clients at the highest level.

Why should I use the MFT programme?

The MFT programme is a system. Training clients is a process. Every client has a starting point that is unique for them, every client has a specific sequence that they must move through in order to achieve the desired result.
Because the MFT programme is a proven functional training system complete with screening, programming, coaching and assessments tools which shows you how to identify the best method to train a specific client to help them reach their goals.
It has been field tested by AIK Founders Dan & Tarek help their clients achieve their goals and also by our 200+ existing MFT clients.
All you need to do is follow the system.

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