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Group Fitness Experience Specialist

Excellent course, very informative with a lot of effort put it to ensure we understood what was being taught. Love the fact that we could do it online but still work as a group and give comments and feedback. Well done Emma and Vanessa. No matter what level of experience you have this is a course to enroll in.

Group Fitness Experience Specialist

A holistic blend of practical & theoretical learning to expand & enhance the fitness experience for coach & client! Emma & Vanessa deliver extraordinary wealth of knowledge & passion over 2 days that is truly captivating & life changing. Taking on all that was passed on throughout the course has helped breathe more life into the classes I lead.

Group Fitness Experience Specialist

There was a wealth of information and personal experience shared by Vanessa and Emma over the two days. Their passion for the industry transcended any limitations zoom presented, and they were able to expertly communicate complex techniques and give practical applications for every section of content. Being new to the fitness industry, I feel like I am now equipped with an abundance of knowledge, both in the science and experience of group fitness, that I am able to readily implement in my classes. This course has also inspired me to continue my learning in this field and continue to deliver an amazing Group Xperience.

Group Fitness Experience Specialist

Absolutely loved the information provided. As a fairly new instructor I didn’t receive any information on structuring my own freestyle group fitness classes. Emma and Vanessa have helped to simplify things while giving awesome information. I’ve already noticed the improvement in my class formats and my own confidence, knowing I now have so much more knowledge in the area of group fitness.

Group Fitness Experience Specialist

Loved loved loved the whole 2 days! Anyone struggling to deliver that special magic in their classes or have maybe lost their mojo needs to do this course! It’s AMAZING to say the least! Highly highly recommend!!

Group Fitness Experience Specialist

Loved the course and I look forward to applying the learnings across my business soon!

Group Fitness Experience Specialist


Our GFS course integrates research and science with entertainment. This is the winning combination to transform your classes, studios and facilities.
Are you an industry leader?
How are you staying competitive in a competitive market?
Our Group Fitness Specialist Certification provides you with everything you need to stand out from an ever-growing crowd of instructors and facilities.
It is designed to educate and empower you to become a leader in group exercise facilitation. After completion, you will come away with:
Group Fitness Experience Specialist

A full accredited certification

Group Fitness Experience Specialist

An in depth knowledge of communication and delivery with practical steps to implement them into all styles of classes

Group Fitness Experience Specialist

A coaching framework to empower your members into lifelong behaviour change that is usually associated with 1:1 training.

Group Fitness Experience Specialist

An ability to create classes that connect people to you, your facility and will give them the results they are looking for

Why compete with the experts when you can become an expert?
Join a community of instructors on the cutting edge of delivering group exercise experience. Learn a wide range of skills in a fun and captivating way while simultaneously being challenged and supported by the leaders in group exercise.

Revolutionary gains to shake up the group exercise game



Get ready to be the next in the biz! With practical implementation guides, live work shopping sessions and downloadable manuals you will become a rock star instructor in no time.



Covers all the key areas of delivering effective, effervescent and clear cueing strategies. Learn to be a clear cue-municator!


Here you will find useful psychological, emotional and physical strategies to implement so you can connect with any member who walks through your doors. This module creates unforgettable class experiences and excellent communicators no matter the style of class you teach.


An indepth look at programming, giving you tools to create your own group exercise classes with the reassurance and skills to create safe, results based, science backed classes time after time.


Music is an essential yet overlooked tool in any group experience, whether your classes are ‘to the beat’ or music driven (which if they aren’t – they should be) learn how to cultivate experiences that drive huge biological responses through the power of music!

Meet Our Founders

Emma & Vanessa here. With a collective 25+ years teaching, managing, consulting, internationally presenting & educating everything group exercise, we realised how much we could give back to the industry. With the fitness landscape changing as rapidly as it is, we provide education for the innovative, experience based facility and instructor to ensure they are staying relevant in today’s and tomorrow’s group fitness world.
We believe there is no better way to deliver community, culture and complete life transformation than through exceptional group exercise experiences. This education is essential for anyone delivering group exercise: whether that be big box style, class boutiques or even small group personal training. This education takes the “style” out of what you teach (eg. Pilates, HIIT, Barre) and gives you the fundamental skills that are not taught in Cert III or any other qualification. These skills are transferable to any business and to any class you may want to teach or include.
Group Fitness Experience Specialist
Stand out from the coaching crowd as a Group Fitness Specialist Coach!
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