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About FTI

The Functional Training Institute (FTI) are a movement based education company focusing on Functional training and Movement restoration based training methodologies

Started in Sydney in 2009 by Tarek Michael Chouja and Daniel Henderson, FTI have become a global brand servicing over 15 countries world wide.

Known for innovating the fitness industry with the first accredited kettlebell and battling ropes courses, FTI have evolved their movement based concepts to formulate a system around functional training called the Adaptive Functional Training systems (Adaptive FTS).

The Adaptive FTS is a methodology that is taught in the  Master Functional Trainer program

Another of FTI’s ground breaking programs is the Movement Restoration Coach. The MRC fuses the best of the functional with that of the Rehab trainer protocols.

FTI have worked with some of the best movement specialists globally, acquiring a cutting edge in movement education that fuses practically derived knowledge with an evidence based approach.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Why Gyms Can’t Afford Not to Have Functional Training Systems

The landscape of the gym has changed significantly within the last decade. There has been a monumental shift from gyms that are filled with cardio equipment and pin loaded machines to open spaces that have tools such as kettlebells, battling ropes and suspension trainers. The popularity of these tools and programs using these tools is immense and offering them is a necessity.

There is no doubt that tools such as Kettlebells, ropes, bags and suspension training are not only popular but they are effective and dynamic tools when used correctly. Without proper instruction, the tools:

  • Get used incorrectly. I.e Using a Kettlebell as a dumbbell
  • They don’t get used by members and take up valuable space
  • They get used incorrectly and this could potentially lead to an injury

Adding Functional Tools, Spaces and Programs is only one half of the equation. The other half is employing the education behind the education. Staff need to know why, when and how to use these tools to really make it a worthwhile offering.

By adding functional training and education to your facility, you will:

  • Be a standout in your region
  • Build a reputation as a company that evolves and is cutting edge
  • Increase member retention
  • Attract new members
  • Facilitate great results for your members
  • Have a well-credentialed educated team
  • Opportunities to add new classes, programs and services

How your Team will Benefit with Functional Training Education

Through undertaking our education programs, trainers will:

  • Learn to teach using verbal, kinaesthetic and visual cues and understanding that different clients require different cues
  • Learn how to breakdown movements into phases so learning is simplified
  • Learn how and when to apply regressions and progressions of exercises
  • Learn how to create dynamic programs that generate terrific results for the clients
  • Attract new clients and referrals
  • Stimulate existing clientele and retain them for longer
  • Learn how to conduct semi-private training and small group sessions

What you get when you work with FTI

Our mission is to provide the highest standard of education to support functional training tools. Functional training is taking the fitness world by storm but the equipment is only beneficial if it has a methodology behind it. This is what we do!

Our advanced personal training certification courses provide a platform that inspires trainers to new heights.

We provide endless support and have a plethora of resources to accompany our courses. This includes video libraries, comprehensive manuals, refresher days and access to our education team. We deliver a quality service from start to finish and pride ourselves on creating an incredible experience.

Our Team

Abed Ghosheh
Ben Gunn
Chris MacCabe
Dexter Tay
Filipe Pereira
Scott Kennedy
Jason Kavanagh
Justin Borg
Tony Robson
Jacq Ng
Taizo Omuro
Tim Sunderland
Kim Peachey
Zayar Tunphyu

FTI Global Partners

Australian Institute of Fitness are the #1 fitness educator. Train where the best train and become a PT with AIF! RTO ID: 121508

Australian Institute of Fitness

Oxygen Advantage provide world leading education in the field of functional breathing.

Oxygen Advantage

Rehab Trainer provide cutting edge rehab and injury prevention courses and are a collaborator in the Movement Restoration coach program.

Rehab Trainer

FIT Asia is at the forefront of the fitness movement, setting the benchmark for better growth and development in the area of Fitness Education in Singapore.

Fit Asia

Accreditation Partners

Fitness Australia
ACE Approved
NASM Provider
EREPS Approved Training
Massage & Myotherapy Australia

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