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Do you want clients that brag about you?

Join our Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers Course
Stretch Yourself Strong helps Trainers and Therapists become their clients best shared secret through creating amazing results with mobility and flexibility training

Who is this for?

If you are someone who has ever given anyone a stretch or mobility exercise to do, without the Stretch Yourself Strong certification you are leaving opportunities on the table.
This program is for
Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

Plus…Get credited for your learning.

Don’t just shop for points. Earn points while learning something that you can also use and make a difference in your business.
SYS has been accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia for a massive 15CPD, and AusActive, with graduates also earning points through other governing bodies through external provider applications.
Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers
Become a certified personal trainer with online strength coach certification.

The Worlds First Framework for Programming Mobility and Flexibility

Would you program a strength exercise and NEVER PROGRESS IT? This is exactly what is happening with mobility, and it doesn’t make sense…

In only 4 Weeks You will;

Gain Clarity
Get Results
Build Your Business
Realistically you’ll already be well on the way after Week 1, and by the end of Week 2 you’ll already have a strategy for trying out your new wisdom on your clients.

What Graduates Are Saying

“I’ve been giving clients mobility exercises for years but never really had a strategy for it to make a difference for them. It’s become such a big part of my programming now that I’ve even put on a class at the gym which has been a massive hit, and I’m looking to expand this massively.“
— Daniel Gurnhill (Trainer)
“I’ve done a lot of courses over the years and this is one of the best I’ve done. I particularly liked that it is a framework approach.”
— Jim Armstrong (Owner Raw Combatives)
“Before doing this course I thought I was pretty up to scratch with mobility. I’m blown away that I haven’t learnt this stuff in any of the other courses I’ve done”
— Kirsty Daniels (PT)

The next evolution in mobility and flexibility

In the 80’s we had stretching in spandex.
The 90’s saw us leg swinging into dynamic stretching and the naughties set up PNF as the all the rage.
The decade just gone has set the world up for mobility and precarious toys and massage guns, but the industry is still stuck on isolating individual techniques and exercise with no way to progress anything, or ensuring the client can create change in their muscles or use it for performance or injury prevention.
This is the next evolution in mobility and flexibility training and in only 4 weeks you’ll be changing you clients lives, and your business, with the wisdom gained form the following modules.

The 8 Module online certification is broken into 3 parts

Expand each Part to read more


Modules 1 and 2 cover the what and why. We look at when and where to apply flexibility training and reasons you would include it in your programming.


Because just stretching for the sake of stretching just makes clients good at stretching.


And if you are a trainer or therapist that is interested in getting results for your clients (since you are reading this I’d say you are), then we want to know when to apply the teachings and why they work.




– In only 20 minutes, you’ll understand the theory behind gaining flexibility, and keeping it, so you can explain it in simple terms

– Debunk myths and set colleagues and clients straight on where we have gone wrong with flexibility and mobility

– Finally understand how flexibility works and be able to answer your clients curly questions, just like an expert should


Modules 3-6 cover the 4 Phases of programming that make up the Stretch yourself Strong framework. This framework will allow you to plug in any of your favourite techniques or strategies that you may already be use into a progressive system that ensures results for clients, as well as learn a range of new techniques and methods.


Phase 1 will help you understand why stretching is a skill and how to coach it. You’ll understand how to coach a stretch simultaneously through 3 planes of motion and will develop a deeper understanding of functional anatomy.


Key adaptation-Stretch Tolerance


Phase 2 delves into showing clients how ti use their improved ROM so it makes a difference in the real world.


Key adaptation-motor control and continued neural adaptations


Phase 3 focuses on strength through ROM and laying the foundation for creating change at the muscle fibre level.


Key adaptation –structural change to the muscle, strength through ROM


Phase 4 Injury prevention and flexibility training is a controversial topic. In this module you’ll learn the keys that most programs are missing for injury prevention and also in improving performance.


Key adaptation-using ROM with power and velocity (the techniques you’ll learn in this are as god as plyometrics for improving athletic performance)




-Creating lasting results for clients requires your programming results in structural change for clients, not just teaching them how to get good at stretching. In these modules you’ll learn how to be the person to make that happen


-You wouldn’t give someone a strength exercise to do forever. Learn the worlds only system to periodise mobility and flexibility to create lasting results and raving fans


-Understand how to create a unique progression using isometric exercises to gain strength, range of motion and even power.


-Show clients how to make their range of motion not only last, but to use it.


-Learn how the framework can be applied across a large range of techniques from bodyweight training to barbell


Learn how to attract new clients and retain existing ones as you take them on a journey through the 4 phases


-Give clients those aha moments as they say things like “no-one ever told me this before!”


Most courses show you a bunch of cool stuff but you are left trying to figure out how it works for your business. In some cases it doesn’t!


In Part 3, and beyond, you will get insights into assessments and programming so you can make the framework fit with your clients unique needs and your own. Our relationship won’t be done until you are certain of how this will make a difference to you and your business.




-Learn a simple set of assessments that are effective conversation starters for any client, from one-on-ones to group sessions. Learn how two expand those conversations for programming, and developing client relationships


-Get help understanding how the system applies to individual clients and troubleshoot any specific problems you may be having with clients


-Develop a template for programming for a large range of clients so they can meet their goals and you can earn their trust

When you sign up during this special intake period you’ll get

You’ll be given access to 2 modules per week as well as receive a pre-course reading booklet complete with over 100 academic references if you wish to dive further into the science. In only 1-2 hours a week you can stay on track and become an expert in 4 weeks. Assessments are multiple choice at the end of each module and final assessment sees you submitting an example of a snippet of a clients program with no video necessary.
We release the modules 2 per week to allow you to complete optional homework so you can apply the framework into your business as we go, and use the information immediately if you wish. This also allows the student cohort to support one another and for us all to work together with the best results.

PLUS, Get these BONUSES!

4 weeks of live Q and A sessions in the private facebook group
An extra 4 weeks of tuition and support to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do to grow your business and get results for your clients. Concerned you’ll do this course and not be able to figure out how to use it in your business? I’ll make sure you can.
100 Page PDF with the entire framework layed out complete with over 100 academic references
This framework wasn’t created in a bubble. Years of trial and error and sifting through the research has led to this world first system and you’ll have a quick reference book that you can refer to at anytime to get what you need. If you wish to further explore the science, the book contains over 100 academic references that have guided elements of the system.
Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

The Stretched Yourself Too Thin Guarantee

Firstly, this is by far the most comprehensive, real world tested and user friendly course ever put together on flexibility and mobility. Trainers and therapists looking for a way to stand out and build their brand will not only do so with this course, they’ll do it through creating amazing results.
Our community and certified trainers come form all walks of life, including Physios, EP’s, Trainers, Coaches, Martial arts school owners, Massage therapists, Chiros, Osteos and we are introducing new walks of life on every intake.
This course is designed to fit for you, no matter how unique you or your business are. This is the whole idea behind teaching this as a framework that can be plugged into any business.
But I understand you might not be so sure.
That’s why, if you complete the course, do the work, and if I cannot be completely sure that you can use this to grow your business and help your clients, then you’ll get a complete refund. Just email me


I still don’t get it. What is this?

Stretch Yourself Strong is an online 8 Module certification that teaches you how to implement the World’s first framework for progressively programming mobility and flexibility training, into your business.

Will I have time to get this done?

In order to complete the course in 4 weeks you will only need to find 1-2 hours a week to complete 2 modules per week. This includes watching learning materials and engaging in the online group.

My business is unique and I’m not sure if it will work for me?

The entire idea of developing this course as a framework means it will work for any business. If you ever give anyone any type of stretch or mobility exercise, this course will teach what you need to do to make it work, and how to progress it. Graduates work in PT, group training, rehab, athletic development, chronic conditions and more.

I’ve done (insert goo-roo)’s course. Why should I do yours?

No other course teaches a framework for periodising mobility and flexibility. This course also teaches the most up-to-date theory for explaining why this stuff works. It also covers 3D stretching, isometric progressions and teaches how to create structural change in the muscle. This stuff is unique to this course.

Whats the point of training flexibility anyway?

This type of question is one that graduates of the course relish in answering. The best way for you to get the quickest answer to this question is to jump on the webinar at

What if I don’t understand the content?

Understanding the mechanisms behind flexibility training can be incredibly complex. Not in this course. We break it down so it is simple to understand. If it isn’t, help is available at any time in the group, or you can email me personally and I’ll make sure everything is clear for you's just stretching then?

No. The Stretch Yourself Strong system uses a range of techniques, including stretching, to get results. The system includes a very clever isometric progression through 4 Phases, utilises eccentric training in Phase 3, dynamic stretching and flows and more. Being a framework approach, you can essentially slot any type of technique into the appropriate Phase. Phase also gives advice around use of loaded strategies such as 2-1 Eccentrics.

Will this teach me how to run a class?

Many trainers who have completed the course have gone on to add classes to their schedules, utilising the framework.
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
Get Certified as a Stretch Yourself Strong Coach now!
This course is certified with AusActive for 8 CECs
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Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

Meet Your Instructor

I can’t wait to guide you through the next 4 weeks of training.
I’ve spent 20 years confused by information on mobility and flexibility. From my early days as a Yoga Teacher, through to graduating top of class in my Masters of Exercise Physiology, I’ve always had more questions than answers.
Finally, I’m at a point in my career where I may have more answers than questions, and here I share them with you. I’ve shared my knowledge with world champions, military, olympians, and helped people get back to their best with this framework.
Now I am excited to share it with you.
Reach out if you have any questions. I’m a real person and care about everyone that extends their trust and time to share in what I offer here.
Glenn Phipps (B.Ex.Sp.Sci., M.Clin.Ex.Phys, AEP)
I understand what it’s like to be confused by the massive amount of misinformation out there-especially when it comes to mobility and flexibility.
Right now you have the chance to not only obtain true clarity on this subject, but to also establish yourself as an expert in the subject. Or , you could continue to google the answers to the questions clients are bringing you, or figuring out how to get the results they need..meanwhile, they are probably doing the same thing.
Even if doing this course attracts one more client, or even retains a client or 2 for a little longer as you take then through the 4 phases as they wonder what comes next, it will be worth it.
— Glenn Phipps


Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers
Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers
Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers
Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers
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    • Learn to coach complex movements
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  • Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

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  • Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

    Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

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  • Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

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    • Program and teach flexibility more effectively
    • Develop coaching cues to engage your clients
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    • Learn the art and science of proper movement preparation and recovery methods all online and in the flexibility of your own time
  • Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

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    • Building Resilience and Managing emotions
    • Emotional Intelligence development
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