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The World’s Most Comprehensive Movement Restoration System

The Movement Restoration Coach certification is the world’s most advanced 3 level functional rehab program. This exclusive program will gain you the status as an expert in the field of functional movement. You will learn how to effectively minimise and prevent injury in your clients by restoring functional movement.

The Movement Restoration Coach certification will give you the edge when it comes to implementing a successful training model for your client and will help you to grow your business with proven training principles, built by the experts from Rehab Trainer.

The program is broken up into 3 Modules

Module 1 ‘Preparation and Recovery Systems’

Face to Face Pathway

  • In this section, you will go through a 2 day face to face workshop covering key preparation and recovery protocols
  • You will learn our RAMP model for effective movement prep and our recovery training system to enhance your understanding and ability to program for recovery and regeneration


Online Pathway

  • You will gain access to our world class online platform where we have filmed all the content as well as access to manuals, templates and bonus content
  • All assessments are done online so you can maximise your practical time during the face to face delivery

Module 2 ‘Assessment and Corrective systems’

In this next section you will be introduced to the Rehab Trainer protocols and the world class 7 screen train approach and corrective protocols.

Face to Face

During these amazing 2 days you will learn:

  • A ground breaking system of assessing clients away from injury
  • Learn the ‘Talk, See, Do’ method of client assessment
  • Apply the most innovative techniques using kettlebells; suspension straps and sandbags to mobilise and restore function for clients
  • Identify the 5 major muscle imbalances and address them using ‘iso-integration’ and retraining techniques
  • How to release myofascial restrictions and trigger points using the postural pro techniques



  • You will gain access to our world class Injury Prevention Kit which is a tool you will use ‘for life’ for you and your clients
  • You will gain access to the Rehab Express online program with hours of corrective and retraining content
  • All assessment work is completed online to maximise the face to face days

Module 3 ‘Injury Prevention Systems’

The final part to the making you the ultimate Movement Restoration coach is the 3-Day Injury Prevention System. This all-encompassing 3-day course will provide you with:
  • Three full days of Face to Face injury prevention lectures and practical workshops devoted to understanding the world class R+E+H+A+B System
  • 1 day utilized per body region: Lower Limb, Upper Limb and Spine
  • The full spectrum of Muscle Imbalances as commonly seen in injuries, including also the Five MI’s from Movement Restoration Coach Express.This in-depth course will be taught by some of the most skilled Australian Sports Physiotherapists, experienced in teaching and working with Personal Trainers and the fitness industry.

Why undertake the Movement Restoration Coach Certification

You will immediately stand out as an expert in the field of functional movement and gain a cutting edge that will draw clientele into your business.

What you will gain:

  • A world first foundations model specific to movement restoration
  • Maximum accreditation points with Fitness Australia
  • Insider access to FTI trainers and VIP first option invites to new content and FTI opportunities
  • Recognition as a Movement Restoration Coach and a true leader in the field of movement restoration.
  • Access to online forum and course material for a full 12 months, through our world class Canvas online education platform.

Other reasons why you should undertake the certification:

  • Learn in a fun and captivating way
  • Be challenged and supported by our expert team
  • Learn how to break down complex movement restoration techniques into easy steps to demonstrate to your clients
  • Have complete confidence to apply your new movement restoration skills to your business in a practical and engaging way
  • Join a community of trainers and coaches at the cutting edge of movement restoration and functional training
  • Understand how to use the course contents to grow your PT business


Become a Movement Restoration coach today and change countless lives

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