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The Master Functional Trainer certification comprises a 3 stage process which the trainer/coach completes to gain a status as an expert in the field of functional training.

The Master Functional Trainer certification will give you the edge when it comes to implementing a successful training model for your client and will help you to grow your business with proven training principles.

The 3 stages are: ‘Functional Trainer level 1 (Online)

Here is where your journey begins

First step is to complete the 2 modules of the theoretical foundations pathway:

Functional Assessment

Functional Anatomy

Next up is completing the adaptive FTS 5 pillars

Pillar 1

Functional Mobility

Pillar 2

Suspended fitness level 1 & 2

Pillar 3

Functional Bags

Pillar 4 (Level 1)

Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1

Pillar 4 (Level 2)

Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 2

Pillar 5

Fundamentals of Battling

Functional Trainer Level 2 (Face to Face)

In this 3 day face to face intensive we cover the 5 pillars extensively so you get the hands on practical skills to incorporate:

Functional Mobility to Restore Function and Movement
Functional bags to learn how to apply strength and power as a foundational component for all levels of clients
Kettlebells to learn more advanced levels of strength and power integration
Battling Ropes for learning how to apply complex functional movement patterns
Througout the 3 days you will lrasnhopw to coach and program the movements according to the adaptive functional training system.
You will learn how to apply the system into progressive and systematic method of programming for all levels of clients

Master Functional Trainer Pathway

Once ‘Functional Trainer level 1’ and ‘Functional Trainer level 2’ are successfully completed you will gain access to the final modules of the theoretical foundations:

Step 1 – Complete:

Mindset and Coaching Module
Programming Module

Step 2 – Final Assessment

Final assignment which includes 20 case studies
Movement mastery videos which include a 5 minute kettlebell snatch test and a 5 minute battling ropes endurance test

Why undertake the Master Functional Trainer Certification

You will immediately stand out as an expert in the field of functional training and gain a cutting edge that will draw clientele into your business.

What you will gain:

  • Welcome pack that includes a folder to store your course manuals, FTI principles and philosophy manual and other business building strategies
  • A world first foundations model specific to functional training
  • 6 courses covering the latest in functional training programming and best practice
  • Maximum accreditation points with ACE and NASM
  • Insider access to FTI trainers and VIP first option invites to new content and FTI opportunities
  • Recognition as a Master Functional Trainer and a true leader in the field with specific use of the MFT logo to advertise your qualification
  • A Framed certificate of completion
  • Access to online forum
  • Business building strategies for attracting and retaining clients long-term

Other reasons why you should undertake the certification:

  • Learn in a fun and captivating way
  • Be challenged and supported by our expert team
  • Learn how to break down complex movements into easy steps to demonstrate to your clients
  • Have complete confidence to apply your new skills in your business in a practical way
  • Join a community of trainers and coaches at the cutting edge of functional training
  • Understand how to use the course contents to grow your PT business

You will learn our unique FIVE PILLARS approach that ensures optimal client results and long-term, consistent earnings for YOU.

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