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Preparation & Recovery Systems Course Online

Learn movement prep, recovery methods, and strength and
conditioning training online at your own pace

Level Up & Earn CECs with Courses Accredited & Fully Certified with International Organisations.
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness.

What’s Included in Preparation & Recovery Systems Course Online?

The RAMP protocol for movement prep: Raise, Activate, Mobilize, Potentiate

Utilising strength bands and mini bands for strength training

Creating training programs for clients of all levels

Mobility Partner drills

Use proper breathing techniques for better recovery

Various stretching methods include PNF, partner, and static techniques

Foam rolling techniques for recovery based training

Progressive relaxation techniques

Creating recovery-based programs
and classes

Watch the Preparation & Recovery Systems Course Online Experience

These methods offer a personal approach to prep and recovery for one-on-one, small group, or team training
This great program gives coaches a full and clear plan for prep and recovery protocols. It's perfect for functional training circuits, strength programs, and indoor or outdoor group training.
The Preparation & Recovery Systems Course Online is hosted on FTI's top-notch platform. This digital platform gives you the chance to learn.
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
With more stress today and poor training methods causing injuries. using prep and recovery methods is crucial.
By learning to build prep and recovery plans, you can prevent more injuries and boost overall well-being
You will learn injury prevention principles and how to keep clients. Offer them safe and progressive movement practices.
Increase retention and offer unique services as a skilled and progressive movement practitioner.
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness

When you sign up for your Preparation & Recovery Systems Course today, you’ll also get:

The Purpose Driven Movement eBook is a $29 value. It offers a logical and complete guide. It's proven to help with functional movement and fitness.

Get instant on-demand access to the Functional Mobility Masterclass ($299 value).

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Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
This course is certified with AusActive for 16 CECs
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Our Testimonials

Prep and Recovery Systems Online
Josh Piterman

I own one of Melbourne’s Elite Functional Fitness studio’s “The Functional Project”. We have a database of over 250 clients and 4 fantastic trainers. It couldn’t have happened without injecting myself into the MFT course and clearly following the systems that were laid out to me. We have a 3 tier training system, that not only includes traditional PT but a Semi-Private Training system, which increases our earning capacity by up to 400% on every session. Learning this system alone is reason enough to take up the course!

None of these classes would be possible without the training and knowledge I gained from the MFT course and the constant ongoing support I get from the entire FTI team! I would highly recommend the MFT course to every trainer looking to increase their functional training knowledge and create a profitable business model.

Prep and Recovery Systems Online
Linda Petrovski

Since completing the MFT course I find I have really expanded my business and knowledge. I have become so much more confident in assessing and being able to help my clients in their quest to reach their goal not only in strength and fitness but help in so many other aspects. I have also been able to increase my hourly rate and have satisfied clients which equates to referrals.

I highly recommend the MFT to anyone who wants to grow their business and become a better trainer. The staff and coaches are great mentors, always willing to go that extra mile to help along the way. The trainers you meet help you become part of the MFT community, it’s like having a family of network and support. I truly thank you guys at the FTI for making a difference to my business and life.

Prep and Recovery Systems Online
Jenni Bell

Every time I walk away from any event held by FTI I’m so inspired and excited. The BEST thing I ever did was sign up to the MFT program, and to decide to throw myself into all the courses I can. Not only is the content amazing, the people I’ve met inspire me greatly. Being surrounded by other ‘amazing’ coaches within the FTI community is second to none and so crucial.

Why Choose the FTI?
About Functional Training
"If you’re new to functional training, choosing a specialty can be hard. Our Functional Training Masterclass offers a one-day intro to key courses: Kettlebells, Powerbags, Battling Ropes, and Mobility. This course is perfect for beginners who want to try a bit of everything. We hold regular Masterclasses in all major cities."


Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Functional Mobility Course – Online

    • Learn effective warm-up strategies
    • Apply effective mobility methods
    • Become a certified mobility coach
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Kettlebell Instructor Course Online

    • Become a certified kettlebell coach
    • Learn to coach complex movements
    • Expertly apply programming principles
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Fundamentals Of Functional Bags Course – Online

    • Apply essential strength principles
    • Confidently coach fundamental soft loaded movements
    • Expertly apply programming methods
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Fundamentals Battling Ropes Course – Online

    • Learn how to effectively use the battling rope
    • Apply velocity training principles
    • Expertly apply 3-Dimensional movement
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Coach with Purpose

    • Learn the art of coaching
    • Learn how to be a great communicator
    • Elevate your coaching skills to new levels
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Functional Breathing Training Certification

    • Learn the biomechanics of breathing
    • Learn breath drills for performance in everyday life
    • Become a certified breath specialist
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Mobility Flexibility Certification for Trainers

    • Understand the what, why and how of flexibility and mobility training
    • Learn how to program flexibility and mobility training
    • Learn how to successfully apply these principles into your training business
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Feel Your Anatomy

    • Learn to feel loading patterns
    • Program and teach flexibility more effectively
    • Develop coaching cues to engage your clients
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Suspension Training Course Online – Crankit Essentials And Advanced

    • Learn fundamental and advanced movements
    • Learn the science behind the tool
    • Apply programming methods for all levels of clients
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Prep and Recovery Systems

    • Apply the RAMP protocol for movement prep
    • Learn to use strength and mini bands effectively
    • Learn to apply recovery strategies
  • Prep and Recovery Systems Online

    Mental Skills Training

    • Building Resilience and Managing emotions
    • Emotional Intelligence development
    • Communication Skills Development


Strength and conditioning programming involves designing structured exercise routines to enhance an athlete’s physical performance. This includes improving strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. Effective programs consider factors like the athlete’s goals, current fitness level, and sport-specific needs​​​​.

Designing a program requires a needs analysis. Setting clear goals and understanding the athlete’s current fitness level are essential. The program should include a balanced routine with warm-ups, strength training, conditioning, flexibility, and cool-downs. Periodization and progressive overload are key principles. These ensure continual improvement and help avoid plateaus.

Typically, a program includes the following phases:

Hypertrophy/General Preparation: Focus on building muscle mass and basic fitness.

Basic Strength: Increase overall strength with moderate volume and high intensity.

Strength-Power: Enhance power with lower volume but very high intensity. Peaking/Maintenance: Optimize performance and maintain fitness levels.

Active Rest: Allow for recovery with very low volume and intensity​​​​.

Rest and recovery are crucial. They allow the body to repair and strengthen. Adequate recovery prevents overtraining and injuries. Rest days, deload weeks, and proper sleep are essential components. They are key to a well-rounded program.

Nutrition fuels workouts and aids in recovery. A balanced diet with adequate protein, carbohydrates, and fats is vital. These nutrients provide energy and support muscle repair. Hydration is also critical. It impacts performance and recovery significantly.

  1. Progress can be measured through performance testing and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Common tests include 1RM (one-repetition maximum) lifts, sprint times, and agility drills. Regular testing helps adjust the program to keep improving​​​​. 

Conditioning can include aerobic exercises like running and cycling. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is another option. Conditioning improves cardiovascular fitness and endurance. It complements strength training. Conditioning should align with the athlete’s sport-specific needs.

Common mistakes include neglecting warm-ups and inadequate rest. Not following a structured plan and ignoring individual differences are also common errors. Overemphasizing certain exercises while neglecting others can lead to imbalances. This can also result in injuries.

Customization involves tailoring exercises to mimic sport-specific movements. It also addresses the unique demands of each sport. For example, a soccer player’s program might emphasize lower-body strength and agility. In contrast, a swimmer’s program would focus on upper-body endurance and flexibility

Discover effective strength and conditioning programming for better fitness

Tarek Chouja

Tarek Chouja is the co-founder of the Functional Training Institute (FTI). FTI started in 2009 in Sydney, Australia. Tarek has improved coaching and training in movement and injury prevention. He led FTI to create the first approved kettlebell and battling ropes courses in Australia. Tarek also developed the Adaptive Functional Training Systems (Adaptive FTS). His work has certified over 5,000 fitness professionals in 15 countries. FTI is now a leader in functional training certification.

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