Functional Training Master Class Online

Course Curriculum (Video Session)

  • Part 1: Introduction to the Masterclass
  • Part 2: Mobility Course
  • Part 3: Functional Bags
  • Part 4: Kettlebell
  • Part 5: Battling Ropes
  • Part 6: Conclusion
You’re going to learn the performance secrets and crucial techniques behind…
  • Kettlebells –Help your clients develop strength, power and endurance through hundreds of different exercises
  • Powerbags — Empower your clients with essential movements
  • Battling Ropes — Learn a real secret technique– only one other place on the planet teaches this game changing system
  • Mobility — Help your clients move better and minimise the chances of injury

Learn from World Class Instructor Tarek Chouja

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About Functional Training

If you’re new to functional training, it can be overwhelming choosing what you want to specialise in. Our Functional Training Masterclass gives you a single day introduction into our primary functional training courses: Kettlebells, Powerbags, Battling Ropes and Mobility. This taster course is perfect for those just starting out in functional training and want to learn a little bit of everything. We have regular Masterclasses in all major cities.

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