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Work Less, Earn More & Transform Your Fitness Business

What if you were just one training away from….

Acquiring more new clients in a reliable way
Commanding high fees (that people will line up to pay you)
Building an easy marketing system that works (without spending countless hours and dollars on Facebook)
Saying goodbye to overwork and overwhelm (and the late nights/early mornings)
Saying yes & finally creating the business that works FOR you

If all of this were possible (and it is), how valuable would it be for you?

You could finally…

Enjoy time off with your family and friends
Generate more profit from your business
Sleep better without worrying about leads
Be fully-present with the people you love (not just up in your head about your business)
Put an end to your scarcity-driven “feast or famine” mindset

If this sounds like a win to you, you need to keep reading and find about what exactly you’ll learn from the Next Generation Fitness Business Masterclass with FTI’s Dan Henderson.

Next Gen Fitness Business

The Next Generation Fitness Business masterclass addresses three CRUCIAL areas of your business in uniquely strategic ways:

… How to automate your marketing and get new leads without having to lift a finger

… How to add new layers of revenue so your business becomes resilient using other offers like nutrition and group coaching

…How to systemize your business so it can run EFFECTIVELY & EFFICIENTLY — without you.

Here’s what happened to Kim inside Dan’s new business-transforming program:

Kim was able to go from being a lost and struggling personal trainer to feeling less stressed and 2xing her income in just a short time.

So who’s behind all these amazing results?

Meet FTI’s high-performance coach, Daniel J. Henderson.

Dan helps fitness professionals magnify their impact and excel in business.

He has built 4 successful businesses within the fitness industry and is a well-respected business leader, coach, presenter and innovative thinker who delivers his expertise globally.

Most fitness business owners struggle, but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

And the truth is, you don’t need “more information.” You need to take the right actions.

Daniel J. Henderson

Working with Dan and the FTI team, you’ll learn the precise winning combination of operations, marketing, sales and time management you need to implement now so you can really lead.

Here’s what people are saying about Dan’s program:


Working with Dan and his team has given me a skill set that sets me apart from other coaches to empower and educate our tribe to move more efficiently and get maximum results to train for life. — Dan C.


Dan has an innate ability to understand your business and to cut to the most important things to improve for fast and ongoing increases. Before starting, we talked about what I was hoping to achieve. I would have been happy with 20-30% growth. But if you had told me I’d be looking at a 200-300% increase, I would have just laughed. But that’s what actually happened. — Jordan


I was very hesitant because I didn’t know how this would work. I was stuck and unsure how to break out of the plateau I was at in my business – I didn’t know what to do. Working with Dan, I 2x’d my revenue and opened a second studio. — Jenn

Build Your Next Generation Fitness Business

By now, you’ve probably figured out that this isn’t a 90-minute sales pitch. In fact, you’re going to walk away with 20X the value you invested in this training.

When Dan created this special program, he didn’t just want to create another business seminar. Nobody needs another sales pitch that goes on and on and on an on with absolutely no meat. Those types of events are an insult to you and a waste of your time.

That’s why he created this simple program.

Now, this program is NOT FOR EVERYONE!

If you’re not ready for a robust, deep dive into every leverage point in your business, this training is not for you.

If you’re not ready to grow your business so fast that the training wheels fly off, stop reading now. However, if you’ve come this far, take one minute and hear what Janne has to say:

A 5-hour deep-dive training like this is easily worth $1887, hands down.

We’ve seen people invest triple that for private mastermind days to learn the same skills.

But you’re not going to pay even close to that. You won’t pay $1887 or even $497.

Right now, you’re going to get all of this for just $187.

So if you want to learn:
…How to close more sales using a proven process that works
…How to be the leader your clients and your team need you to be
…How to leverage direct response marketing secrets that will help you grow fast
…How to use the peak performance “Jedi mind tricks” taught by mindset gurus

For less than a month’s worth of lattes, you can unlock your potential and meet your future self, your best self, your truly successful self.

Countless personal trainers and fitness business owners have walked a mile in worn out shoes like yours.

Most trainers think they’ve got to just get the right social media strategy — and that will take care of all the growth struggles in your business.

But you know this simply isn’t true.

If true success were that simple, everyone would be a six figure coach sitting on the beach doing IG live videos while their business runs on autopilot.

That’s just not realistic – most truly successful entrepreneurs are taking a few discernable, measurable actions like the ones you’re about to learn here today.

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