So many people come to personal training looking to make a difference only to struggle when it comes to acquiring the skills that can really produce lasting results. This is a big reason why so many trainers struggle or even fail.

But this doesn’t have to be your story. Read on to learn about this transformational masterclass that will help you to…

Become the #1 Trainer In Your Area

Functional Trainer MasterClass

You’ll learn…

…How to Build an Unstoppable Arsenal of Skills and Techniques…
…How to Stand Out Above the Crowd as a Personal Trainer…
…How to Earn a Reputation of Getting AMAZING RESULTS for Your Clients…

You’re going to learn the performance secrets and crucial techniques behind…

Kettlebells – Help your clients develop strength, power and endurance through hundreds of different exercises

Powerbags – Empower your clients with essential movements

Battling Ropes – Learn a real secret technique– only one other place on the planet teaches this game changing system

Mobility – Help your clients move better and minimise the chances of injury

You’ll be able to….

Facilitate massive results for your clients
Add new classes to your offerings

Build higher-end programs and services

Are you ready to help your clients achieve next-level results?

Then you need next-level functional training skills that produce transformational results.

If you’re a personal trainer who wants to get better results for their clients – you absolutely must read on.

Are you ready to…

Start guiding your clients to next-level results?
Expand your capabilities as a trainer through CECs?
Start being more present with your clients?
Go above and beyond with next level training methodologies?


Learning all the skills and techniques you need would probably take months or years to find all the right teachers and acquire the experience (and CECs) you need.

FTI streamlines the process, bringing you all of the functional training and certifications you need to grow as a next-level fitness trainer.

And when it comes to the secret behind battling ropes, only one other place in the world offers this. So you’d have to search FAR and WIDE to find anyone with the right skillset and background to teach you the right techniques.

This is a unique opportunity to level up your skills as a trainer and become the go-to fitness pro you are destined to be. You cannot afford to miss this chance!

Here’s what happened to Fiona inside this new transformational masterclass:

Fiona was able to go from feeling overwhelmed as a personal trainer to feeling confident in her ability to train clients and get results that really make a difference.

So who’s behind all these amazing results?

Meet Tarek & His Team!

Tarek Chouja has traveled the world teaching concepts in functional training and coaching for fitness professionals. By this process, Tarek has gained significant insight into the best methodologies and techniques to enhance coaching performance for fitness and health professionals.​

Tarek’s team of trainers at FTI are well-versed in these sought-after techniques and are always in-demand.

Most trainers struggle to keep their clients engaged and focused so they can sustain the momentum and effort required to achieve amazing results.

Tarek Chouja

Here’s what people are saying about the program:


Every time I walk away from any event held by FTI I’m so inspired and excited. The BEST thing I ever did was sign up to the MFT program, and to decide to throw myself into all the courses I can. Not only is the content amazing, the people I’ve met inspire me greatly. Being surrounded by other ‘amazing’ coaches within the FTI community is second to none and so crucial. — Jenni


I thought I knew what I was doing —but I didn’t. Now, I can confidently say I’m using the correct muscles and patterns, If you really wanna make a difference, you absolutely have to understand the fundamentals that MFT brings to the table. — Josh


Since completing the MFT course I find I really expand my business and knowledge I’ve become so much more confident in assessing and being able to help my clients in their quest to reach their goal not only in strength and fitness but help and so many other aspects I’ve also been able to increase my hourly rate and have satisfied clients which equates to referrals. I highly recommend the MFT to anyone who wants to grow their business and become a better trainer. The staff and coaches are great mentors, always willing to go that extra mile to help along the way. The trainers you meet help you become part of the MFT community, it’s like having a family of network and support. I truly thank you guys at the FTI for making a difference to my business and life. — Linda

Grow Your Skills… And Your Business!

A 5-hour deep-dive training like this is easily worth $1447, hands down.

We’ve seen people invest triple that for private coaching training to learn the same skills.

But right now, you’re going to get all of this for just $147.

And when you sign up today, you’ll also get a FREE Online Course Worth 3 CECs!

Listen to what Kim had to say:

Do you want to…

Standout in your region

​Build a reputation as a trainer that evolves and is cutting edge

​Increase member retention

​Attract new members

Facilitate great results for your members

​Have a well-credentialed educated team

​Opportunities to add new classes, programs and services

​Introduce yourself to the Master Functional Trainer Program with over 50 CECs

For less than a month’s worth of lattes, you can unlock your potential as a trainer and deliver more value to each client you serve and start charging higher fees.

Ready to Get Started?


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