Functional Training Institute

Movement Restoration Coach

Whitney Muscat

The Movement Restoration Coach program is one of the best things I could of done to better as a coach. I’ve gained so much knowledge and I’m very excited to apply this course to my own self growth as well as my clients. I have a clearer understanding of how the body moves and how …

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Tash Peake

The MRC course has increased client growth by teaching the correct movement of the body as a whole. The way in which we move daily has a massive impact on our body. The support online and face to face along with group chats and discussion is truly supportive and extremely professional.Thanks for providing such great …

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Simon Warwick

Completing the MRC program has also allowed me to offer them a service which is not generally within the realm of your standard Cert IV trainer. I also find that I have developed better relationships with both the clients, and the allied health professionals, as they can both see that I have my clients best …

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