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Feel Your Anatomy.

Feel Your Anatomy is an online course that helps trainers and therapists master Functional Anatomy by learning how to feel loading patterns, so they can program and teach the best flexibility and strength programs, and develop coaching cues that engage their clients.
Don’t just read about anatomy. Feel it, simplify it, and coach it.
Most of the anatomy we have learned is based on a body that doesn’t move-because no one is putting up their hand to be dissected in front of a bunch of Uni students while they can still do a bit of a jig.
Learn Anatomy from things that yourself.
Understanding functional anatomy isn’t knowing what it looks like in a picture or being able to label diagrams on 2D stuff that doesn’t move anymore.
Functional anatomy is the key to creating effective programs, and being able to create coaching cues with your clients that actually make a difference. But understanding this doesn’t mean quoting from Grey’s Anatomy. The hours upon hours I spent learning diagrams and big words has paled in comparison to using movement as an exploration for learning how to understand and apply knowledge of anatomy. It’s about being able to feel it, and getting clients to feel exercises in the right places, and in ways they never have. This is the key to amazing results for your clients, and your business.
Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong
Understanding human movement is about understanding what happens when stuff moves and we can understand how to create load in muscles in a variety of directions.
You might already know that the shin bone is connected to the knee bone, and the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, but what happens to this relationship when we move the foot, or hike the pelvis (not a great example but I like the song).
Understanding these relationships is is the key to creating effective flexibility and mobility programs. And because muscles don’t just move in one plane of motion, we’ll also uncover how to create flexibility exercises based around the techniques of 3D stretching.
When your clients feel this they’ll wonder why you are the only one they know teaching it!!
The course will be run over 4 weeks through 4 x 1 hour online workshops. All sessions will be recorded which you can download and keep for future access. At the end of each session you should be able to go away and immediately impress your clients with your new wisdoms.
This will change the way you approach programming and coaching, not just for flexibility and mobility, but any coaching of human movement.
You will learn;
This course starts Monday the 10th of October. It is open to current members of the SYS certification or anyone with an interest in human movement. There is no prerequisite for attending. This is likely the only time it will be offered this year so even if you won’t be able to attend live, or won’t be able to watch the recordings for some time, please register now. Support will be available for questions and clarification at any time during and after the course finishes.
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  • Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong

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    • Apply effective mobility methods
    • Become a certified mobility coach
  • Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong

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  • Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong

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  • Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong

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  • Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong

    Feel Your Anatomy

    • Learn to feel loading patterns
    • Program and teach flexibility more effectively
    • Develop coaching cues to engage your clients
  • Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong

    Suspension Training Course Online – Crankit Essentials And Advanced

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  • Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong

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  • Feel Your Anatomy and Stretch Yourself Strong

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    • Emotional Intelligence development
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