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HIFT Improves Health & Fitness

HIFT Improves Health & Fitness

As discussed in our last article, high intensity functional training (HIFT) is a training regime characterised by the use of functional exercise at high intensity. Unlike similar variants, such as HIIT and sprint interval training, little is known about the potential heath and fitness benefits of this type of training.  To gain further insight into the potential benefits of HIFT, a group of researchers investigated the effects of HIFT on health and fitness, in a group of recreationally-active adults.

The Study Details

Why they did it: To Determine the effects of 16-weeks of HIFT on body composition, bone metabolism, strength and motor skills.

The training program:  the training program was performed two times per week and utilised c, such AMRAP workouts for metabolic conditioning, multi-joint exercises such as Olympic lifts, squats and deadlifts for strength and power development, functional exercises such as TGU’s, rope climbing,  for motor skill development. Dexa scans were used to assess body fat% and lean mass changes, whilst fitness was assessed by the performance of 3 different timed WOD’s (workout of the day) as outlined in the table below:

HIFT Improves Health & Fitness

What they found: On average, the men and women had a 6.5% decrease in body fat percentage, lean mass (muscle) did not change significantly over the 16 weeks. There was also small improvements in bone density in the female participants. Finally, there was a significant improvement in the performance of all three WODS (as outlined above).

What does this mean: The results of this study suggest 16 weeks of HIFT, utilising workouts that focus on skill, strength and metabolic conditioning with the inclusion of functional exercises can have a positive effect on body fat percentage, bone density and fitness (strength and metabolic conditioning) in recreationally active men and women.

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