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3HFIT’s goal is simple. A vision of which encompasses the advancement of fitness professionals in China, to provide the industry and society with the most internationally accredited, scientific, up to date methods of improving the human body & mind.

3hFIT is education, training and certification centre dedicated to developing world-class fitness professionals in China. We also raise awareness among fitness enthusiasts about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through learning opportunities focusing on safe and effective fitness programs, health and nutritional issues. 3hFIT bring the skills, competencies to fitness leaders that will enable them to successfully muster through the challenges they’ll be facing now and in the future. We provide International certifications in many fitness and wellness disciplines, conduct courses, workshops, seminars for the general public and for anyone interested in their own health and fitness.





Courses Offered

Kettlebells Level 1

Kettlebells Level 2

PT Fundamentals




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