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Malaysia - Babel Fit
Babel Fit are specialists in providing world class fitness education and fitness services. Their goal is to understand the industry’s best practices and flipping it around. Committed in training and developing world class coaches. Apart from education, they are also gym operators aimed at creating an inspirational experience with the ultimate goal of promoting change in their members.


  • Malaysia - Babel Fit

    Group Fitness Experience Specialist

    • Learn the art of group coaching
    • Become great at programming for classes
    • Apply the principles of music selection
  • Malaysia - Babel Fit

    Functional Mobility Course – Online

    • Learn effective warm-up strategies
    • Apply effective mobility methods
    • Become a certified mobility coach
  • Malaysia - Babel Fit

    Kettlebell Instructor Course Online

    • Become a certified kettlebell coach
    • Learn to coach complex movements
    • Expertly apply programming principles
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