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FIT Asia
Fitness Innovations Singapore Pte Ltd (previously known as FIT Singapore) was formed in 2008 and has always been at forefront of the fitness movement, setting the benchmark for better growth and development in the area of Fitness Education in Singapore. The overarching goal of a brand transformation in 2021 to FIT Asia reflects their growth and signals their intention to deliver world-class education at the forefront, to the region.
As Singapore’s first education, training and certification centre, FIT Asia is dedicated to developing world-class fitness professionals. Their learning opportunities also raise awareness amongst fitness enthusiasts surrounding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by focusing on safe and effective fitness programmes, health and nutritional issues.


  • FIT Asia

    Functional Mobility Course – Online

    • Learn effective warm-up strategies
    • Apply effective mobility methods
    • Become a certified mobility coach
  • FIT Asia

    Kettlebell Instructor Course Online

    • Become a certified kettlebell coach
    • Learn to coach complex movements
    • Expertly apply programming principles
  • FIT Asia

    Fundamentals Of Functional Bags Course – Online

    • Apply essential strength principles
    • Confidently coach fundamental soft loaded movements
    • Expertly apply programming methods
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