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What you will Get: 

  • Kettlebell Level 1 and Level 2 Bundle Course
  • Key principles of the Kettlebell, its history and how to effectively use the tool
  • Fundamental Kettlebell Exercises, including the Swing, Clean and Press and Turkish Get-up exercises.
  • Advanced theory of Kettlebells and Kettlebell training.
  • A series of rigorous Double Kettlebell Exercises.
  • Complex variations of the fundamental and double Kettlebell Exercises.
  • Advanced Programming with Kettlebells
  • Engage and undertake our Advanced Kettlebell Challenge!
  • Program design with the Kettlebell

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  • FTI is Global Brand Servicing World Wide
  • Learn from World Class Trainers of FTI
  • Attract new clients & Increase member retention
  • Standout in your region
  • Expand your skillset & Become Leading Trainer
  • Facilitate great results for your members

Earn 9 CEC’s and Get Accredited


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Learn Kettlebell Instructor Course Online

Kettlebells Level 1 Course

  • The 4 main lifts being: Turkish Get-Up; Swing; Clean and Snatch. We focus heavily on the technique and progressions of these key lifts that are the foundation for all other kettlebell movements.
  • In addition, we cover key strength and motor neuron skill movements. They are: Kettlebell press (floor and overhead positions); Row; squat; lunge.Our focus within the level 1 program is the coaching and programming element which makes this course a great addition for sports coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists.
  • Kettlebells have become a staple training tool for the modern coach.
  • The versatility and functionality of the Kettlebell is unmatched.
  • Our Kettlebells Level 1 Online Course will introduce you to this versatile tool, and teach you how to incorporate the fundamental Kettlebell movements into your programs.

Kettlebells Level 2 Online Course

  • The Kettlebells Level 2 Online Course is an extension to the Level 1 Kettlebells Course.
  • Within this extensive course, you build on the foundations of Kettlebells with advanced double kettlebell exercises and theory.
  • The Level 2 Course will establish you as a Kettlebell Expert and place you in an elite band of Kettlebell Trainers in the entire country!
  • Basic Anatomy and Breathing Techniques as applied to Kettlebell Training
  • Learn and apply the Safety Principles behind Kettlebell Lifting
  • Specific Programming Principles for Beginners to Advanced
  • How to make Kettlebell Training Safe and Enjoyable
  • How to instruct clients via a Step by Step Approach

This course is certified with Fitness Australia for 9 CEC’s


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About FTI

The Functional Training Institute (FTI) are a movement based education company focusing on Functional training and Movement restoration based training methodologies

Started in Sydney in 2009 by Tarek Michael Chouja and Daniel Henderson, FTI have become a global brand servicing over 15 countries world wide.

FTI is Known for innovating the fitness industry with the first accredited kettlebell and battling ropes courses.

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