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performance resilience mindset
performance resilience mindset
High-Performance mental skills to enhance your coaching abilities.
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Why this course?
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This course is designed for Personal Trainers, Sports and performance coaches, and other fitness professionals to elevate your coaching and communication skills.
Basic Overview
Wake Up, Grow up, Clean up and Show up
The point of the arrow in our approach is to work with participants and fully support them in developing their ability to work with their clients and in developing the Mental Skills required for high performance outcomes.
This approach bestows participants with the skills, authority and responsibility to deliver holistic and consistent mental skills outcome with clients.
Ultimately the program is about helping participants to help their clients:
Waking up is about the disidentification with the habits of the personality (beliefs, values, identity structures, mental conditioning etc. This enables the presence and mindfulness, through the release of the egoic conditioning of the self and self-structures that limit the client (be they public or high-performance athlete).
Growing up is about maturity – being able to take multiple perspectives under pressure and respond appropriately. The more perspectives you/they can take, the more complexity you/they can hold, the more you/they can influence your environment, and the less influence the environment has upon you, in the face of the pressures that come with both life and elite-level sports.
Cleaning up is about clearing the mental barriers and prior intentions, old beliefs, early value structures and identity structures that get in the way of the achieving high performance outcomes.
Showing up is the enactment of all of the above. It’s where The client self-actualises as they make meaning matter. Here we ground development in contextual appropriation. Abraham Maslow called this self-actualisation.
performance resilience mindset
Mental Skills Training for Coaches - October Intake
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Mental Skills Approach

This program is about

Building Resilience and Managing emotions (yours and theirs)
Creating full Responsibility and Ownership
Framing and Reframing the work
Mindfulness practices
Understanding Personality
Leadership Development
Communication Skills Development
Emotional Intelligence development
Reframing Anxiety
Curriculum Overview

Each participant completes the Identity Compass Profile as part of their learning/self-awareness

1. Introducing the NLP Communication Model
Communication Coaching Model Understanding how you and how others communicate.
2. Meaning/Performance Model
The Engagement Model
3. Learning Habituated Thinking Biases
Cognitive Intentions explained (identity Compass)
4. Next Level Listening Skills
Advanced Active Listening
5. Rapport
Rapport, connection and accountability
6. Meta model of Language
Detecting Patterns
7. State Management
Emotional Intelligence
8. Perspectives
Integral Quadrants:-4-aspect of human perception
9. Values and Beliefs
Understanding what is important
10. Framing in Communication
Managing expectations: yours and other peoples
11. Resilience
Build your own resource state
12. Identity Compass
Understanding Personality
About the Coaches
High Performance Mental Skills Training is co-instructed by Tarek (founder of FTI) and Jay (co-founder of The Coaching Room). This program gives you the vital tools to overcoming limiting beliefs (you and your client) and mental blockages keeping your clients stuck
Giving you mental skills techniques to help your clients (and you) stay on track and achieve their goals.
There’s a whole section devoted to building resilience through the 6-steps of Resilience Method.
You’ll also learn how to anchor a resilient state so you and your client can tap into this state at will in the event of challenges and pressure.
Resilience is one of many topics covered in High Performance Mental Skills that makes you a more valuable, unique trainer for your clients
performance resilience mindset
Jay Hedley
Founder and Executive Management Coach and Trainer with The Coaching Room
Working with the largest companies and highest performing athletes on the Planet, Jay currently works with Alex Albon (Formula 1 Driver) and Michael Conlan (World Famous Irish featherweight Boxer) among many others.
Jay has also recently helped Gareth Baber and the Fiji 7s team win Gold at the Tokyo Olympics.
A specialist in vertical growth and development, Jay has a background in developmental psychology and is an NLP Trainer (20+ years).
performance resilience mindset
Tarek Michael-Chouja
Founder of the Functional Training Institute
Flagship programs are:
Tarek began as a fitness professional when he was 20 and now co-owns and operates the largest functional training education company in the world– the Functional Training Institute (FTI).
The flagship coaching program at FTI ‘Game Changer Professional’ is designed to empower business owners with the tools for growth on a professional and personal level.
Tarek has travelled the world teaching concepts in functional training and coaching for fitness professionals. Through this process, he has gained significant insights into the best methodologies and techniques to enhance coaching performance for fitness and health professionals.
His passion for creating business leaders in the health and fitness space through training and education programs combined with mental fitness, has made him an industry leader and indeed, industry innovator.
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Gary Baber, Rugby 7s coach and Olympic Gold medalist at Tokyo 2020:
“Shout out to the guys at The Coaching Room, particularly Jay Hedley who helped guide this Fiji 7s team to the heights it reached in Tokyo”.
Most elite athletes and performers like Gary Baber work with mental performance coaches to keep their mental game in check.
So they stay at the top of their game, and not allow mental roadblocks and challenges to derail their progress.
An important part of the mental game athletes work on is – Resilience.
In other words, mental toughness.
If an athlete lacks resilience to overcome challenges and focus on the present, they’re toast.
It’s no different to you and your clients.
When a client comes to you, they may lack the resilience needed to overcome challenges and setbacks due to old habits, beliefs, and mental roadblocks.
As a coach, resilience is a trait you should constantly be working on for yourself and your clients.
Because when challenges hit, it’ll make your job easier as a coach running your business, and help your clients stay on track so they’re 100% engaged on the fitness journey.
performance resilience mindset
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