Suspended Fitness Course Online – CRANKIT ESSENTIALS AND ADVANCED


What you will Get: 

  • The different types of suspension training products available.
  • How to set up and safely use different types of suspension straps.
  • The theory to teach essential suspended fitness exercises.
  • The principles of progressing and regressing exercise technique to adjust to your clients level for key exercises, including lunges, rows, squats and planks.
  • To demonstrate competency in suspended fitness exercise demonstration and instruction.

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  • FTI is Global Brand Servicing World Wide
  • Learn from World Class Trainers of FTI
  • Attract new clients & Increase member retention
  • Standout in your region
  • Expand your skillset & Become Leading Trainer
  • Facilitate great results for your members

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Learn Suspension Training Course Online – Crankit Essentials and Advanced

  • The CrankIt Essentials and Advanced: Suspended Fitness is designed to introduce you to suspended fitness concepts, and to teach you how to assess and adjust essential and more advanced suspension exercises and safely train individuals of all levels.
  • In this incredible course, you will learn the underlying WHY behind key exercise techniques and become and advanced suspended fitness training expert.
The CrankIt Essentials and Advanced: Suspended Fitness Course is hosted through the FTI world class online education platform. Through this expansive platform, you have the opportunity to:
  • Progress through the content at your own pace (within 12 months)
  • Consume a wide variety content, including instructional videos and in-depth manuals
  • Engage in online discussion with other course participants
  • Take online exams at your own pace

This course is certified with Fitness Australia for 7 CEC’s

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About FTI

The Functional Training Institute (FTI) are a movement based education company focusing on Functional training and Movement restoration based training methodologies

Started in Sydney in 2009 by Tarek Michael Chouja and Daniel Henderson, FTI have become a global brand servicing over 15 countries world wide.

FTI is Known for innovating the fitness industry with the first accredited kettlebell and battling ropes courses.

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