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Clients having trouble pressing overhead?

Lifting the ribs and/or shifting the hips are two ways people compensate for a poor overhead position. This 1/2 Kneeling wall push kettlebell press will definitely test the ego. As this position stops any compensated movement from the hips or thoracic it shows the true strength of your overhead press!

Kettlebell press for Hypertrophy

Two ways we can stimulate hypertrophy are through tension and stretch.The kettlebell floor press to arm bar does both! How the set looks is: With a heavy bell x10 presses x1 Arm bar with 20-30sec hold Complete at least 3 consecutive sets

Trendy Hip Drills

Try these three drills to improve the Trendelenburg sign of the hip. Banded hip Iso-integration Single leg RDL to Back step lunge Single-leg weight exchange Single leg Wall RDL The Trendelenburg sign tells us there may be laziness within the glute med of the hip which will show up as a drop when on one …

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