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Coaching Principle: Systems Over Randomness

Coaching Principle: Systems Over Randomness

A system is a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network.

Our world view and how we see the world is shaped by the paradigms we adopt. If we see everything in systems, there is a structure and flow to things. Specifically, we move through life less frustrated and stressed out.

The same is true for us trainers and coaches out there who are loving what we do but damn frustrated, even burning out because we have no set of systems in place in place.

I am speaking from a place of experience here. For quite a while I had no systems around client booking, time management, and then into other areas of my career at that point. I needed to reshape my paradigm and seek advice and help from those who have walked the thousand mile journey.

Having a system is a key function to life. Our planet is one big system of biodiversity that requires cooperation of all living forms to create optimal living conditions. We can chunk this down further into eco-systems where favourable living conditions ensure the survival of all life forms. Think of the fish tank you use to have. The more educated, caring and diligent you were, correlated with the success of the eco-system within that fish tank. We can draw this parallel to business where a high performance culture equates to a healthy and thriving work eco-system.

Drawing further from this example, a high performance culture is only possible with the systematic implementation of the company’s vision mission and values (VMV). IF we all think it is a nice idea to have a high performance culture within our business, it isn’t going to work by being flimsy and random with the way the VMV is inculcated into the business’ fabric.

Thinking back to principle #4, mind-set is not only a habit of individuals. Businesses too will either adopt a fixed or growth mind-set that is often determined by the way they craft their VMV. It all starts with the principle of reflection where we ask ourselves: ‘what kind of culture do we want’?

The Master Functional Trainer model that we have designed and implemented at the Functional Training Institute to world-wide acclaim, is all about a system of acquiring knowledge and being able to apply it effectively. In the case of the program it is the skill-set and practical knowledge gained from going through a rigorous system that ensures the trainer and coach gains a thorough understanding and not merely a course here and a course there approach.

The key term is coherency. You need to first identify with your key strengths. What will be your area of focus as a trainer and coach? You then need to seek out those courses or programs that will enhance your current knowledge and layer it with extra expertise.

Being selective with this process will ensure you begin to think in systems. Your programing will be an evolving system; your training will have a systematic approach; your business will also acquire the same habits. Don’t get me wrong, we need to mix things up but that is not to confuse it all with being random and sketchy in your training and business approach to your profession.

Think of your system as building your career on solid ground and Random as building your career on sinking sand.

Coaching Tip:

Identify where you feel there is too much randomness in the way you train your clients or operate your business. Using your journal, reflect and be honest with your evaluation on where you feel you need to improve. Remember that progress is better than perfection so do not place too much pressure on trying to get it all done. Rather set clear objectives that will lead to that one big goal of creating structure and flow into your business and life.

Having a system will get us into the flow of life. We will be less frustrated and stressed and able to handle more with efficiency and effectiveness. The crucial paradigm here is to ‘Keep a positive and Open mind’, which is the next principle we will explore.

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