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Dan’s Blog: You Can’t Succeed Without Passion

I clearly recall my thoughts preceding the opening of my PT studio where I naively believed that my days would be tailored to the perfect lifestyle; training clients all morning, taking long midday break reading at the beach and then resuming training clients in the evening. I believed I had nailed the perfect lifestyle job that incorporated all the things I loved to do. How wrong I was! The only beach I saw was glimpse of it running the Coogee steps; the reality was running my own business meant 14-16 hour days of hard work leaving me little time for my fantasy!

In many ways, I am the antithesis to many business coaches. I see people sprouting quick results and overnight success. Instead, I give people a reality check stating that success is indeed possible but be prepared to work harder than ever and be challenged to your core. It does get easier but only after you lay solid foundations. Anything meaningful in life is achieved through relentless focus, unbridled courage, total dedication and unrivalled passion.

I love my professional life. I am presented with numerous amazing opportunities to present and travel (I am sitting on a beach in Noosa right now). I am surrounded by passionate growth minded fitness professionals and I see people change their lives through applying our systems. However, I work hard (on my 11th straight day) and it’s not all fun, games and unicorns. I am faced with numerous challenges such as team members leaving, key partners going into liquidation and key technology not delivering. It’s the passion I have for our vision being realised that makes the relentless hours, highs and lows all worth it.

If you want to be an entrepreneur and bring your dream to life then you need to be oozing passion. It should consume your thoughts, words and actions. Every time you close your eyes you are overcome by visions of your purpose coming to life. You resist going to bed every night because it feels like a barrier to moving forward. I don’t believe it’s possible to succeed without this type of intense passion.

Passion is the life force that keeps you pumping when you are lying flat on the canvas. It is the elixir that brings you back to life after you have been flattened by numerous obstacles and challenges. Passion will keep you going when thousands of others would’ve thrown in the towel.

If you are looking to start a business without this level of passion then I would advise against it. Don’t submit yourself to the torture as the shit will be too hard to swallow and it will overwhelm you. On the flipside, if this kind of passion is burning within you then take the leap and enter the gauntlet of business. There is no greater joy than sharing your passion daily and seeing it come to life.

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