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Group Training – More Money, More Clients & More Time for You

Group Training - More Money, More Clients & More Time for You

With our new Accredited Group Fx Course set to launch in May next month I think it would be appropriate to talk about some of the problems I have seen and heard among the Fitness Industry about Group Training and why we here at AIK felt the need to come up with a solution.

We have surveyed our database of 10,000 personal trainers about the problems that cross their minds when it comes to Group Training and the 3 reoccurring problems I have heard are:

Trading Time for Money; They simply have one business model which is 1 on 1 Personal training but when a client goes on holidays or is sick they are left with little to no income.

Struggling with their programming; They don’t know how to create fun, vibrant, dynamic, and energetic sessions which leads to clients coming back time and time again.

Struggling with their coaching: how to get clients with varying competencies and abilities to undertake these great exercises under a group or private setting.

Trading Time for Money

The 1 on 1 business model is fragile and your income can vary greatly if a client is on holidays, sick or leaves. Group Training and Semi-Private Training offers a far more predictable income that offers a higher hourly rate and much more

In our Group Fx Course you will learn how to set up your classes so they are effective and profitable.

In the course you will learn the key differences between Large Groups and Semi-Private training. You will learn how to program for each and create incredible services that get client’s great results and increase your hourly rate exponentially.

Struggling with their Programming

Personal Trainers are struggling to create fun, dynamic, and effective sessions. We impart our knowledge of tools like Kettlebells, Battling Ropes, & Powerbags/Sandbags to create a lasting impression on your clients, making them come back for more.

You will learn different programming types, activities and exercises that get your clients excited as well as great results. You can substitute other tools into the programming once you learn the model.

Struggling with their Coaching

Coaching is what separates a good trainer from a GREAT trainer.

We’re going to teach you the science and art of Coaching. You will learn how to cater your style for clients that are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. You will Internal and External cues. These skills will enable you teach multiple people like a pro.

We also focus on your Voice & Body Language!

Your Voice is extremely important, you have to be able to use your voice to project and create provocative and effective cues so that your clients can remain engaged and interact with your sessions seamlessly while using our Functional Training Tools.

These Coaching Skills will enable you to deliver a quality service to multiple people at different competencies.

Group Fx is the perfect answer to all of your struggles and problems. If you want to start earning more money, more clients, in less time then this a step in the right direction.

Check the full run down of our Group Fx Course Here.

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