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‘OnTheMinute’ – Kettlebell Chaos

Welcome to another Video of the Week, I hope you enjoyed your Long Weekend.

My name is Dan Henderson founder of AIK and this week we have another great Kettlebell Workout & Programming Methodology for guys. This is Part 2 of 2 of our series of ‘OnTheMinute’ Programming & Coaching Methodologies. Check out Part 1 HERE.

This ‘OnTheMinute’ is a programming methodology which is simple and enjoyable. This type of programming is best suited for a quick and intense workout or as a finisher at the end to really raise that metabolic rate. ‘OnTheMinute’ really is a fantastic programming tool that you should explore and adopt to your training regime.

For this Session we will performing the Kettlebell Chaos – ‘OnTheMinute’. In Part 1 we focused on the push up dead lift & squat thruster combo. This week we will be following the exact same principle except with different exercises the Kettlebell High Pull & the Kettlebell Rack Reverse Lunges. These two compound exercises are a great full body workout and will give you great bang for your buck.


We will be focusing on 2 Massive Exercises the Kettlebell High Pull & the Kettlebell Rack Reverse Lunges both of these are huge compound movements.

M: 12kg or 16kg
F: 8kg or 12kg
Beast Mode: 20 KG

Get a stop watch to time yourself correctly. As we will be performing these exercises in an allotted time which progressively gets harder.

  • 1st Minute do 1 Rep of each Exercises & Rest
  • 2nd Minute do 2 Reps of Each Exercises & Rest
  • 3rd Minute do 3 Reps of Each Exercises & Rest
  • 4th Minute do 4 Reps of Each Exercises & Rest
  • Etc…

In the early minutes you will have a lot of rest but don’t let this lull you in a false sense of security. As the reps increase your rest time compresses and shortens so this means you will be have to be very efficient. This really focuses on building stamina and endurance.

What you want to do is keeping working up as long as you can get the correct exercises in the allotted time and you can keep growing it 1 by 1 by 1… The challenge is to aim for 10 minutes or more.

Give it a try and post your times below!

If you liked this Kettlebell workout check out our Accredited Kettlebell Course in which you will find workouts like this and tonnes of other great coaching tools and tips.

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