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Kettlebells – One Of The Best Training Tools On The Planet

Kettlebells - One Of The Best Training Tools On The Planet

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If you are not using Kettlebells in your training then you are missing out…… People all over the world are drawn to this incredible tool because it’s fun to use and produces amazing training results.

The kettlebell is so effective because it enables you to develop strength, flexibility and cardio simultaneously. It is incredible for developing core control, balance, coordination and stability whilst blasting fat and improving muscle tone and definition.

It is a breath of fresh air for clients as they get to experience something different from traditional strength training. They love the skill required, the new movement patterns and the unique challenge it provides. The flexibility of the kettlebell is also unique and appealing to both the trainer and client.

It is a tool that enables you to have an amazing workout in a short space of time. One of the other major benefits is the portability of the tool. You can train in your lounge room, beach, local park or at the gym.

Many of the exercises are compound and multi-joint and are therefore incredible for getting the body to move as a coordinated unit. There are a plethora of different exercises that are appropriate for all fitness levels and abilities. One of the major benefits of kettlebell training is the strengthening of the posterior chain group (hamstrings, glutes & lower back). These are areas that are commonly weak in the general population and the kettlebell is the perfect remedy.

Technique and safety are paramount as it is a technical tool that can cause injury if used incorrectly. Understanding the nuances of the movements, the stages of teaching and the complications that can take place is a necessity. An accredited certification will cover these in detail and will ensure you gain the most from this amazing tool. It is also the only means of gaining insurance when using this tool.

Incorporating kettlebells will enhance your business, increase client engagement and lead to a queue of happy customers.

By Dan Henderson

Dan Henderson is the Co-Owner of ‘The Australian Institute of Kettlebells (AIK). AIK educate trainers and coaches worldwide with accredited courses in kettlebells, battling ropes, powerbags, mobility and Barbells.

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