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10 Steps to becoming a Master in Functional Training

10 Steps to becoming a Master in Functional Training

Seeking Mastery in Functional Training is lifelong process that takes time, commitment, passion and access to the best resources. I believe there 10 steps you need to undertake to become a Master in Functional Training. These steps have served me well in my journey and I know it will do the same for others that apply them.

Step 1. Enquire

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you happy with your current training system?
  • Do you need to up skill?
  • Are your clients getting results?
  • Are they enjoying their training program?

You need to be 100% assured that you are giving your client the absolute best knowledge, programs and opportunities to get the results they seek. You will need to be honest and open when answering these questions.

Step 2. Seek Knowledge

There are so many amazing resources available at your fingertips. We live in an information age and there as so many great articles, books, videos, courses, webinars, podcasts etc that you can access with great ease. The key is being disciplined to do it regularly. Find out who the leaders are and access their knowledge as much as you possibly can.

AIK offer the most comprehensive Master Functional Trainer course on the planet. This is a great place to start as you attend multiple courses both face to face and online. You also get access to countless videos, articles and other amazing master functional trainers. You can read more about the Master Functional course Here

Step 3. Get educated

To be a Master in Functional Training then you need to get certified with the best. Learn as much as you can on Functional Mobility, Functional Movement Patterns, Loading Functional Movement Patterns, Functional Strength and Dynamic Function (these are our 5 Pillars of Functional Movement and are the basis of our Master Functional Training course).

Step 4. Find a Mentor/s

You need to find leaders in the industry that are wise and experienced. They should give you sage advice & honest feedback and guide you on your journey.

Step 5. Be Humble

No matter how much you know there will always be people that know more and there will always be more to learn. Be humble and learn.

Step 6. Practice, Practice and Practice

Keep sharpening your skills, refer back to your course manuals, books and resources and practice. All the exercises and knowledge you’ve learned should be put into practice. Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power. Mastery comes with constant effort and dedication.

Step 7. Progressions & Regressions

For every exercise there should be a regression and progression that you can apply within your clients programs that matches their skillset and needs. Master Trainers know how to select the right exercises with the perfect amount of challenge.

Step 8. Walk the Talk

Knowing and teaching is not enough. As a leader you must apply your teachings into your own business and training.

Step 9. Passion

You’re not just a trainer, the term coach would be more appropriate. You are a motivator, a source of empowerment and sometimes part counselor.

You’re not just training their body, you’re training their mindset to live a healthy lifestyle as a way of life.

Coaches instill passion, to do that one first must have passion.

Step 10. Have Fun & Play.

The beauty of all functional training tools is you can train anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Get amongst it, spread the gospel and show off your new set of skills.

Motivate & encourage people around you to participate.

Once you are Master Functional Trainer your mission is to spread this knowledge and raise the standard of training in the industry.

So there you have it, 10 steps to gaining mastery in Master Functional Training. Simple…but not easy.

Enjoy the journey Grasshopper!

By: Bernard Wikarsa.

Bernard is a junior presenter with the Australian Institute of Kettlebells and Functional Training Institute. He is an engaging presenter who is particularly proficient in Kettlebell training and MMA Conditioning.

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