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Upskill or Die: Ensuring Your Personal Training Career doesn’t fizzle

Upskill or Die: Ensuring Your Personal Training Career doesn't fizzle

So you have completed your Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness. The course was full on and you learnt so much valuable information, that you can now take and start using right away!

But what about 6 months from now?

Will everything you learnt still be relevant? Will your clients still be happy with the same kind of sessions? Are you giving your clients the best chance to succeed?

If the answer to any of these questions is NOT a confident and resounding YES, then you may be hurting your business.

But do not despair, there is hope… you can UP SKILL by undertaking a speciality personal training certification!

Increase your knowledge about current fitness trends. Learn about the new pieces of equipment that are on the market. Your clients and your business will thank you for it. This is why you need undertake personal training courses that separate you from the competition.

As trainers, if we cannot offer a similar or better service than our competitors, then our business will struggle and may eventually fail.

Up skilling in the fitness industry is paramount. It helps us to maintain the best training we can offer. It helps keep this industry alive and relevant.

You may be thinking that you have found your niche, you have a good client base and you can keep up with what their demands. This may work for you and your clients, but for how long?

Eventually your clients will plateau; they will become bored with the same style of training, they will want more. If you can’t offer that to them, they WILL look elsewhere for it.

There are plenty of institutions out there that hold courses to help you increase your skill base. Ranging from fitness courses, new equipment, nutrition and rehab. One of the main problems we see in the fitness industry is people using tools and training methodologies without real knowledge on the best practice or how to. You can read about how people get it wrong Functional Training here.

No matter the content, I challenge you to attend a personal training course and I can assure you that you will come away with something that can help make you a better trainer and help your fitness business.

Our clients expect the best of us as trainers. To be the best we need to be up to speed with what’s out there. Failure to do so can not only hurt your client’s goals, but your business goals also.

So jump online, search for what interests you. Give yourself the best chance you can to succeed as a trainer, in the fitness industry.

“What should I do?”

A question most of you no doubt have asked yourself so far reading this article. I say do what you love! Seek to do something that you are passionate about. This could be Kettlebells, Olympic lifting, strength and conditioning, or any other of the hundreds of personal training courses out there. If you do what you enjoy, you are not only more likely to listen and take in more content, but you will apply what you do just that little bit more!

That being said, the courses are considered continuing education and are designed to keep trainers up to speed with the latest trends, equipment and methods. Keeping up your skill set will help to ensure you and your business is at the forefront of the fitness industry and allow you to be the best trainer you can be!

Happy learning!

By Daniel Chatfield

Daniel is a PTI in the Australian Airforce and a junior presenter with FTI.

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