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Dan’s Blog: It Needs To Change

I am immensely passionate about the health and fitness industry. It has been remarkably good to me over the last 12 years. It has enabled me to live and share my vision, travel the world and meet many incredible people. I believe a fitness professional has the potential to make a remarkable difference to many people’s lives. They can transform lives through their knowledge of movement, nutrition and mindset. They can prevent obesity, depression and disease. They can build confidence, self-worth and belief in people.

Unfortunately, many fitness professionals do not realise this impact over an extended period of time. It is a highly transient industry with many outstanding fitness professionals lost because of the arduous hours and difficulty in building a sustainable income.

In Australia, the stats in the fitness industry paint a very bleak picture:

  • The average income is $692, whilst the average number of hours worked is 42.6. This means that average hourly rate is just over $16 per hour!
  • Over 50% of Australian fitness business owners are working more than full time hours and what they would like. They are currently working between 41-62 hours.
  • 75% of fitness professionals earn less than $50,000 per year
  • 50% of the current fitness industry has been in it less than 2 years

*Source Australian Government Department of Employment (2015)

This just isn’t good enough. We are placing an enormous amount of stress on enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable fitness professionals. We are pushing them against a wall and giving them little choice.

I believe a business is the best vehicle to share your passion, make your mark on the world and bring your vision to life. I also believe that a business should provide a good income, security, flexibility and options.

This is why I developed the ‘Next Generation Fitness Business’. I wanted to give fitness professionals an alternative to the oppressed demands, low income and increasing competition. I want to give them the model and the systems so they don’t have to toil ineffectively any longer.

I know this system works. It worked for me after I was almost lost to the industry due to complete and utter burn out. 10 years ago, I started a tiny training studio and my efforts in building a large clientele meant that I was training clients at any given opportunity. I was training clients early mornings 6 days a week, late nights 6 days a week and all-day Saturdays. When I wasn’t training I was overwhelmed with program design, content creation, administration and accounts.

I was continually selling packages of sessions so I had to resell regularly and there was very little predictability and a lot of stress. I wasn’t paid when I took holidays and I was completely at the whim of my business.

I was running on empty. My passion and enthusiasm weren’t enough and I had to adopt a different model if I was to not only stay in this industry but prosper and excel.

Fast forward and the personal training studio quadrupled in size, delivered hundreds of sessions a week and was hugely profitable. I created a business with terrific cash flow, profit, culture and community whilst working in it 6 hours a week. This also enabled me to sell it at a great price last year.

I don’t say this to impress you but rather to impress upon you it was when I stopped thinking like a personal trainer and adopted the ‘Next Generation Fitness Business’ model that went against current industry practice that success started to take place.

I now have the great joy of sharing this model with many fitness professionals and I am seeing it have the same impact in their businesses as it did mine. If you would like to learn this model and excel rather than struggle then please join me for a lunch and learn workshop in June. You can find out more details HERE

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