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Turkish Get Up WOD

Turkish Get Up WOD

Turkish Get Up WOD: The Massacre Part 2


The Turkish Get up Massacre we released back in June was one of our most popular workouts. We decided we could make this kettlebell workout even more challenging and improve it! Welcome to the Massacre Part 2!

You start in a Turkish Get up starting position. The steps are below:

1. Turkish get up to standing
2. Bring to rack and complete 10 reverse lunges (5 each side)
3. Complete 5 jerks – leave it in the overhead position on the 5th
4. Complete 5 windmills
5. Complete 5 snatches –  the 5th snatch is on the other side so the bell is now overhead on the other side
6. Descend and repeat on the other side

Aim to repeat 4 cycles on each side

Males – 12 KG

Females – 8 KG

Beast Mode – 16-20 KG

Record your time below


Turkish Get Up WOD

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