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Horses for Courses: How to Select the Right Personal Training Course for you

Horses for Courses: How to Select the Right Personal Training Course for you

There are so many personal training courses out there. There are courses ranging from Zumba to weightlifting coaching and everything in between. With this plethora of courses on offer how do you select the right personal training certification for you?

If you are an experienced personal trainer with an established clientele base then you should select courses that are going to add to their experience and service delivery. If your clientele is all about hypertrophy and developing power for athletic pursuits then a Powerlifting Coaching course is a great fit. However, this makes less sense if my speciality is kids’ fitness. The key is knowing who your customer is and how you can best serve them. What do they need to get better results? Is it a course that enhances practical expertise with a tool or is it a nutrition or coaching course to improve their habits outside the training session? These are the questions you need to be asking.

The scenario is quite different if you are a new trainer entering the fitness industry. You most likely haven’t established a clientele base and are still working out what are your best strengths as a trainer. This is where more general courses are a great start as there are certain skills that are beneficial for all trainers. These would be around nutrition, mindset, mobility and foundational movement patterns.

The leading nutrition courses are Metabolic Precision and Precision Nutrition. They are comprehensive courses that will give you a clear system of delivering nutrition information to your clients to assist in the achievement of their goals.

Understanding your client’s goals, obstacles, motivators and how to communicate with them is key if you want to assist them as much as possible. Wellness Coaching Australia offers a course that does exactly this and is highly recommended.

We sit in bad postures for large portions of the day. In addition, we often wear inappropriate footwear, exercise incorrectly and are stressed. This all plays havoc with how we move and we often have inhibited movement patterns that can lead to injury when loaded. This is where a ‘Mobility’ course is essential as everyone needs exercises that assist in enhancing our mobility. AIK’s mobility course covers soft tissue releases, mobilisations, activations and stretches and this system helps people move better.

Foundational movement patterns around the squat, push, pull, hinge, press, lunge and twist make up the core of many training programs. Learning the correct technique and how to appropriately regress and progress these techniques is key and the suspension trainer is a magnificent tool and training system. There are two standout courses here in CrankIT Suspension Training and TRX. Equipping yourself with either one of these will help you deliver foundational movements confidently and correctly.

Choosing the right personal training course is really about understanding your client and where you are in your profession. If you are new then you need to equip yourself with skills that will work with a large spectrum of clients. As you become more aware of your niche and who you best work with then courses that enhance your specific skills in this area are the best investment.

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