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What are Powerbags?

What are Powerbags?

Why use Powerbags?

Powerbags are used to teach your client how to effectively use hip extension as a means of lifting and assisting the development of more progressive and advanced exercises. Without the correct movement engrained injury is likely to occur when performing deadlifts, squats and even overhead press work.

Training with Powerbags teaches the body to use its core stabilisers effectively in order that transfer of energy can take place effectively during the most complex of movement patterns. It provides a feedback mechanism to assist with the development of all movements being high quality. It constantly emphasises a high level of co-ordination within each movement and increases the power by which these co-ordinate movements can be carried out.

What are Powerbags?

  • Powerbags are a functional training system utilising soft weights 5-50kg.
  • Featuring wipe clean surfaces, webbing handles, foam lined for comfort, inner sack to contain weight.
  • With a crossover between resistance training, medicine ball training and core stability the system incorporates all the benefits of gym based strength training with the flexibility of sport specific, rotational and throwing skills.
  • All major muscle groups can be conditioned for general strength endurance progressing through to high intensity explosive power development.
  • Powerbags are suitable for use indoor or out on any surface and in any conditions.

Soft weight?

The first thing you’ll notice with the Powerbag when comparing it to other resistance training systems is that it is soft! The Powerbags course explores why the Powerbag is different to other training systems, and in many cases why the advantages that Powerbag has over other systems is due to its soft construction, instability and flexible handles.

It is this inherent instability in the construction of Powerbags that makes them more difficult to lift traditional weights. Lower weights; typically users will lift only 40-50% of what they are capable of lifting with Olympic weights.

Inherent instability of the Powerbag:

  • encourages stabilising muscles to be switched on during training.
  • makes the lift more complex, encourages the development of increased levels of co-ordinated movements during training.
  • makes lifting harder, thus lighter weights can be used in the training environment and more emphasis can be placed on achieving quality of movement.
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