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“Be so good they can’t ignore you”

I went to a new burger place on Saturday night (yes, I do eat burgers). It was only 7:30 pm and the waiting time was already over an hour. The place had no signage, it was graffiti ridden, it had a limited menu and pretty average décor. However, it had the one thing that mattered most…. A WORLD CLASS PRODUCT. This was seriously the best burger I have ever consumed. My friends and I were astonished at the tastiness of these burgers and couldn’t stop talking about them all evening.

I see so many people get distracted by all the shiny objects that they forget about delivering their product or service better than anyone else. They put their energies into a fancy new logo, online funnels, Facebook ads or expansion into a new territory. They believe this will be the vehicle to more clients, money and success. However, it is often at the expense of their product or service and they end up just being another commodity in a crowded marketplace.

This restaurant I visited entered one of the most competitive marketplaces and DOMINATED it. It wasn’t content just being another burger place. It had to be the BEST and it succeeded. There was literally a hungry queue of customers salivating at the prospect of one of these burgers. Its marketing is purely word of mouth and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Are you delivering a world class service each and every time?

Are you putting your heart and soul into every client interaction?

Are you delivering your very best no matter what the circumstance is?

Are you so on fire with passion and enthusiasm that people will travel for days to see you burn?

This is what it takes to be the BEST. This is how you deliver a World Class product and service. People can’t help but notice you and want what you offer.

Say no to mediocrity and YES to being the BEST. You will have more impact, success and fulfilment.

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