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One of the saddest things about the fitness industry is the number of quality trainers that leave because they didn’t build a significant client base. The industry dropout rate is worse than ever and one of the MAJOR reasons for this is commoditization.
This fancy word just means that personal training has become so common that the consumer can’t differentiate between different options so they simply make their decision based on price.

The solution to this major problem is to claim a category. Great examples within the gym industry are F45 and Crossfit. These are now in their own space and don’t need to compete with gyms on price. In fact, they charge up to 4 times more than many gym memberships!

When you claim a new category you instantly become magnetic to people that exist in that space. A great example of this is my mate Blake. He was a ‘personal trainer’ that struggled to excel until he created his own space (transformation expert and founder of ‘6 Weeks to Sexy’). He now has waiting lists and his hourly rate has increased significantly.

The benefits of owning a category are:

  1. Opportunity to charge higher fees (you’re seen as different)
  2. Easier to get clients (magnetic)
  3. Less competition

Where is there a space you can claim for yourself? It may a specific form of training or within a certain population. It could even be a combination of the two.

An important point to remember is that there must be a large enough market to support the growth of the business.

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