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How to Increase Clients Motivation…

How to Increase Clients Motivation...

Autonomy is the freedom of choice and is the third innate lead within the ‘Self Determination Theory’. This is about understanding the client and their need to be empowered in the decision making process. Give them options and remember they know themselves better than anyone else.

I have outlined a number of different ways this can be done. Enjoy!

  1. Give the client’s Choice
  2. Don’t Assume Preferences
  3. Communication is Key
  4. Re-frame what Exercise Means
  5. You Don’t Know Best
  6. Explain the Rationale for your Programs
  7. Empower the Client inside and outside your sessions
  8. How can you facilitate better communication

Increasing autonomy will in turn lead to increases in internal motivation among your clients. This means they will gain more internal fulfilment from their training.

Train Hard,

Train Safe,

Daniel Henderson.

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