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Kettlebell Endurance Workout: Don’t Drop the Bell

This workout is very much an endurance based workout where you cannot let the bell touch the ground for the full 20 minutes. You continue to do as many loops as possible of the below exercises:

10 Single Arm Swings each side

10 Cleans each side

10 High Pulls each side

10 Snatches each side

10 Rack Squats each side

1o Short cycle presses each side

10 Reverse Lunges each side (if bell is racked on left the reverse lunge on the left)

5 Windmills each Side

1 Turkish Get-up Each Side

5 Jerks each side

Use an alternating swing to change from one side to the next.

Females – 8 KG

Males – 12 KG

Machines – 16-20 KG

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