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Kettlebell Workout: The Brutaliser

Kettlebell Workout of the Week: The Brutaliser

Named for its sheer intensity required in execution, our Kettlebell Workout of the week is called the Brutaliser. A challenging combination of squat thrusters, renegade rows and suitcase deadlifts, this combination is guaranteed to burn!

24 Squat Thrusters
24 Renegade Rows (12 each side) into Suitcase Deadlifts
16 Squat Thrusters
16 Renegade Rows into Suitcase Deadlifts
8 Squat Thrusters
8 Renegade Rows into Suitcase Deadlifts

Females: 8-10 KG

Males: 12-16 KG

Post your weight and time!

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