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Kettlebell Workout: The Assassinator Part 2

Kettlebell Workout: The Assassinator Part 2

The Assassinator was one of our most popular timed workouts so now we have another challenging proposition… Part 2!

The protocols are the same – 45 seconds of workout and 15 seconds rest/transition.

There are 5 exercises and the aim is to complete 4 loops.

The exercises are:

  1. Alternating Swings
  2. Goblet Squat
  3. Cross Push-ups
  4. Rack Reverse Lunges
  5. Ski Swings

Females – 8-12 KG

Males – 12-16 KG

Beasts – 20-24 KG

Note: Cross Push-ups are where the bell is lying on the ground and you push-up over it and constantly switch the hands

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