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Movement Restoration Coach Express

Movement Restoration Coach

Your path to becoming the ultimate Movement Restoration coach continues with the second stage: Movement Restoration Coach Express.

This part of the course consists of:

1. Blended Learning Workshop: 1-day Face to Face Practical Workshop

2. Full Online Course (includes extra material beyond the face to face workshop)

3. Movement Restoration Pack including Posture Pro, Rehab Dowel and Theraband

Within this stage of the program, you’re also going to learn the Five most common Muscle Imbalances (MI’s) that create dysfunctional movement, including:

  • How to observe the dysfunctional movement related to it
  • How to release myofascial restrictions and trigger points relating to the Five MI’s, and
  • How to activate the inhibited musculature and retrain the correct functional movement.


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