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Movement Restoration Coach 3-Day Injury Prevention System (Also called REHAB Trainer Essentials)

Movement Restoration Coach Injury Prevention System

The final part to the making you the ultimate Movement Restoration coach is the 3-Day Injury Prevention System. 
This all-encompassing 3-day course will provide you with:

  • Three full days of Face to Face injury prevention lectures and practical workshops devoted to understanding the world class R+E+H+A+B System
  • 1 day utilized per body region: Lower Limb, Upper Limb and Spine
  • The full spectrum of Muscle Imbalances as commonly seen in injuries, including also the Five MI’s from Movement Restoration Coach Express. This in-depth course will be taught by some of the most skilled Australian Sports Physiotherapists, experienced in teaching and working with Personal Trainers and the fitness industry.


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