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The Functional Bag Flow with Rob Harvey

If you’ve never tried a functional bag flow then today you can try! Rob Harvey from Dingo Sandbags is here to show you how to perform a unique and engaging functional bag flow. The idea of any flow is that one exercise flows on to the next. In Rob’s functional bag flow, you will be doing a:

  • 180 Sprawl
  • Functional Bag Clean
  • Functional Bag Squat
  • Functional Bag Press

These four exercises are perfect for developing strength and flow well into each other. Try performing the flow 10 times continuously. Otherwise try performing the first exercise 10 times, followed by the next and the next, until you have performed all of the exercises.


This is functional bag flow is great for all skill levels and ages to develop strength and power!

If you loved these exercises, check out our Fundamentals of Powerbags Course with 6 CECs. Also if you want to purchase the functional bags used in the video, check out Dingo Sandbags

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