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The Functional Bag stands as one of the best tools for teaching people essential stability, strength and power movements. Our Functional Bags Online Course focuses on teaching and progressing the hip hinge technique. From establishing the deadlift progression we move onto more technically demanding power movements like the clean and snatch as well as extensively covering pressing mechanics.

Throughout this course, we incorporate essential and fundamental movement patterns and exercises that every client must learn. As an excellent entry into the world of Functional Training, Functional Bags should be a staple in your training programs!

Presented face to face in one of our capital city locations during this Functional Bags full day course, you will learn:

  • Key theory behind Functional Bags and Functional Bag Training
  • Extensive Functional Bags Exercises, including Deadlifts, Presses, Squats and Lunges.
  • How to effectively engage in partner training
  • Advanced Programming for the Functional Bags
  • Engage and undertake our Functional Bags Challenge!

This course is accredited through Fitness Australia with 6 CECs

What do others Say?

“I attended the AIK course for powerbags and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of variety and programming knowledge that was passed on to us. The presenter was excellent in their delivery and I walked away afterwards with full confidence that I was competent to implement what I had learned with my clients.

I found powerbags to be a versatile tool that has great range in the variety of uses in programming as well as lots of fun! It catered for functional use, ranging from the complete beginner to the advanced client. We not only learnt how to use and train powerbags, we were put through our paces with practical activities and circuits so we could experience these great tools. If you haven’t tried powerbags, I highly recommend attending this course”.

Vaughan Carder, Forged Personal Training


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