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How Tired Is Too Tired?

This month we have spent a lot of time, looking at fatigue and several different mitigation strategies. Fatigue management is becoming a booming industry in its own right, particularly in the corporate and blue collar markets. Fatigued employees are unproductive and at high risk of injury to themselves and others.  Fatigued clients eventually end up …

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Advanced Kettlebell Workout Complex Through Multiple Planes of Motion

For this Kettlebell Workout we will be combining 3 Advanced Kettlebell Techniques to form a complex. Hey Guys Tarek here, We’re back once again with a challenging Kettlebell Workout complex. Be warned this is a little more advanced because these techniques take a lot of coordination and skill and utilise multiple planes of motion. Challenging techniques like this …

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‘OnTheMinute’ – Kettlebell Workout & Programming Methodology

‘OnTheMinute’ is a programming methodology which is simple and enjoyable. This type of programming is best suited for a quick and intense workout or as a finisher at the end to really raise that metabolic rate.   Video of the Week Welcome to another Video of the Week. My name is Dan Henderson founder of …

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