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Kettlebell Assessment

Kettlebell Assessment

Kettlebell Assessment

This Assessment is all about measuring improvement. It will measure your strength endurance (many of these workouts are aimed at developing your strength endurance, power endurance and enhancing your aerobic and anaerobic capacity).

There is no point compromising form or technique to ‘get’ more repetitions – it’s not what AIK are about. What we’re after here are the number of ‘quality’ reps and not just any reps.

The workout is a 4 Minute AMRAP so it can be done in large groups. People should be partnered up so there is one participant and one assessor.

The Workout is as follows:

10 Double Kettlebell Swings

5 Double Kettlebell Squat Thrusters

The Swings must be up to eye level with hips and knees locked out.

The squat thrusters must have thighs parallel to the ground and the bells must have a point of fixation in the overhead lockout position. The elbows and wrists must be straight.

We chose these 2 exercises as they are fundamentals in Kettlebell training. A vast majority of Kettlebell exercises are either hip dominant and end up in the overhead position.

Males are to use 12 KG Females are to use 8 KG

Complete the test every month and get your clients enthused about doing the same.

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