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Turkish Get up Workout

by | Jun 8, 2014 | Workout of the Week

Turkish Get Up Workout

This week’s workout is based around the Turkish Get-up.

It will really challenge you with the whole workout is asymmetrically loaded and involves several movement patterns.

It will also challenge your grip and lockout.

It’s important to be aware of your wrist position and arm lockout. Keep a steady rhythm and remember to breathe.


It is the following:

  1. Start in the first stage of a Turkish Get-up & perform 5 Chest Presses
  2. Come to the top of the Turkish Get-up and perform 5 Single Arm Swings
  3. Then perform 5 Cleans
  4. Then 5 Rack Squats
  5. Then 5 Presses
  6. Do an Alternating Snatch so the bell now is overhead on the other side
  7. Reverse Turkish Get and come up following the same sequence

Aim to repeat 4 sequences on each side.

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