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Don’t Drop the Bell for Kettlebell Veterans

Don’t Drop the Bell for Kettlebell Veterans is a great full body Kettlebell Workout that will challenge you through many different exercises. The multiple planes of motion, balance between ballistics and grinds and blood shunting will make this workout one to remember. Just as the name implies you are not allowed to put the Bell down to rest. Now remember for this Kettlebell Workout, the Kettlebell has to be off the ground the entire 20 minutes.


This advanced version has a couple of twists to it. The first twist is that we are now using two kettlebells instead of one! The second twist is that IF you drop a bell (even the most advanced kettlebell veterans will most likely drop the bell at some point within the 20 minute workout) you then have to complete 10 Burpees. Feel free to rest after the burpees, but remember that you want to complete as many as you can within the 20 minutes.




5x Double Swings

5x Cleans

5x Double Rack Squats

5x Double High Pulls

5x Reverse Lunges (each side)

5x Alternating Presses

That is the full loop!


Set a 20 minute timer to see how many loops you can do in the elapsed time period and post your stats! You can progress this workout by either trying to do more loops within the 20 minute timeframe or using a heavier bell. This Kettlebell Workout may take some practice before your able to complete a full round of 20 minutes without DROPPING THAT BELL!


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