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How to Increase Shoulder Mobility for Barbells

This week’s video is a short one, but features our Barbell Presenter, Scott Kennedy. In this video, Scott will show you an how to increase your shoulder mobility using the barbell.


Barbells are one of the most popular tools on the planet for increasing strength, build muscle and overall fitness. However, many people use them incorrectly or don’t correctly mobilise prior to the exercise, leading to injury in both the short and long term.


Today, Scott is showcasing an easy exercise to increase shoulder mobility with your barbell. To start, place an end of the barbell on your shoulder (whichever you choose first). Ensure that it snuggly fits into your neck and across your trapezius. Take your opposite hand and hold the barbell in place, applying a little pressure.


Once in place, go through your range of motion. Covering most directions will last approximately 15 seconds. Place the barbell back down and retest your range of motion before doing the opposite side.


Give it a go in your next barbells workout for increased shoulder mobility!


You can learn more about Barbell Training in our ‘Fundamentals of Barbell Training‘ course.

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