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Kettlebell Juggling Basics

Kettlebell Juggling Basics

This video is all about teaching you kettlebell juggling basics.

The first exercise is a 2 hand swing into half a catch with both hands. This progresses to a single hand half catch and then full flips with a 2 hand catch and then single handed.

We then progress this frontal swings and catches in front of the body.

Kettlebell juggling is not only a great party trick but it is terrific for hand-eye coordination, finger grip and dexterity, core control and you can get quite an aerobic challenge!

This is a great foundation and you can then progress into flipping the kettlebell in different directions, getting a number of revolutions and even passing it through the legs or around the back!

Look at for another video on some more advanced kettlebell juggling exercises in the very near future!

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