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Powerbag Workout – The Powerbag Destroyer


‘The Most Simple things are also the most Extraordinary Things’ Paulo Coelho

A very philosophical introduction to this week’s ‘Video of the Week’. This quote aptly describes this week’s workout. Taking a simple yet powerful tool and a few ‘simple’ functional movements to create a powerful and dynamic workout.

This simple Powerbag workout complex only contains 2 movements but don’t be fooled as this is is a full body workout. The BRILLIANT thing about this workout complex is that its so versatile and you can implement it into many different continuum’s, programs, & other workout flows. You can do this workout as an AMRAP, Ladder, Tabata or just use the key movements within your broader session.

AMRAP Powerbag Workout

10 x Push Ups into Deadlifts

10 x Clean, Squat & Presses

If you can aim for 10 round rounds, then you’ve earned a thumbs up from me.

Live Passionately,

Dan Henderson

The Powerbag is a Brilliant tool for introducing Primary Functional Movements. If you would like to learn more about this incredible Tool then please enter your details below:

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